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The Only Lecture With A Money Back Guarantee – Either Your Crowd Loves It Or It’s Free

The TV Series “Kabbalah Love” Life Course – A Whole New You!

Special Thanks To Executive Producer Marc Friedman and the entire SABC team

Simcha Kabbalah Love – Introduction to Course

Simcha Kabbalah Love – The Attitude of Gratitude

Simcha Kabbalah Love – Divine Destiny / Karma

Simcha Kabbalah Love – Clearing the slate!

Simcha Kabbalah Love – Real, True, Permanent & Meaningful, Loving Relationships

The Lecture Consists Of, As We Did By Chabad Of Upper West Manhattan, Chabad Kansas City, Showing The Clips – Short Explanations – Doing Experiential Worksheets (Making A “Gratitude List” – “Finding The Good In The Bad”) Our Experience Shows, As People Learn Practical Chassidus Tools, Which Have An Immediate Positive Shift, They Love It!

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