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The Light of The Baal Shem Tov

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The Baal Shem Tov’s Will

A) One should have sincerity when worshiping God i.e. a humble worship, and one should study every day a lesson in Chassidus whether a lot or a little [obviously the emphasis being daily.]

One should see to it that one constantly strives to inculcate goodness and kindness in one’s behavior.

One should see to it to do a good deed daily, whether something big or small, as it states “one should be scrupulous with both a large and small Mitzvah/good deed.” Scrupulous in this context means shine (in Hebrew,) from the verse “Those who are scrupulous will shine.” In other words, your soul will shine and be illuminated both from a small or large Mitzvah/good deed for the main thing God seeks is your heart.

This is the meaning of what it states “One who is scrupulous in a Mitzvah/good deed will know no evil.” Scrupulous in this context means to anticipate as in the verse “His father shomer/anticipated the event.” Similarly we must eagerly anticipate the entire day – if only God will bring to our ability / attention a Mitzvah/good deed for us to do. As it states, “The kindness of God endures throughout the entire day.”

Making The Light Practical

We should:

a) Ensure to study Chassidus daily.

b) We should ensure to worship God humbly with sincerity.

c) We should become compassionate people.

d) We should eagerly anticipate, so our soul can shine brightly (i.e. at a soul level) that perhaps God will enable us to do a Mitzvah, act of goodness and kindness, daily.

B) One should say every word of Shemah (part of Jewish prayers) with heartfelt feeling and concentration; this is a very important and great accomplishment. Despite the fact it is impossible to have such intense concentration and heartfelt feeling through the entire prayer service nonetheless through Shemah one should do so. As it states “Whoever reads Shemah eliminates both physical and spiritual harm from oneself.”

Making The Light Practical

One should attempt to concentrate, understanding all the words of Shemah as this brings him great heavenly protection.

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