Complete Life Makeover – All The Factors


Step By Step Quantum Leaps

The “Complete Life Makeover- All The Factors” designed using Science and Holistic Jeiwsh Teachings will take you on a journey through the seven critical factors (see chart.)

Life is like a soup, we start with infinite potential (water) but if you want your soup to be both tasty & healthy you a. need healthy ingredients, (so you put in beans, onion, parsnip…) and b. you need to be able to have them in balance & harmony.

Similarly, in order for your life to be enjoyable, balanced, holistic and rewarding, a. you need good ingredients and in the right balance.

The way you put in ingredients into life, just as in a soup – is one at a time, and each ingredient will build on the previous and then be a benefit.

Once we have a small group (5 +) we work on a mutually beneficial time.

If you are able to commit 1 hour weekly – within one year, your life will have completely transformed – remember, you live once, and who you are impacts not only you, but your loved ones (and if you have children) for eternity.

Apply below

1. Managing Mind / Thoughts2. Managing Emotions / Feelings3. Managing Relationships4. Finding Your Purpose5. Your Spirituality
6. Managing Your
         7. Staying    Healthy
Balance / Optimal Functioning   Balancing the Right / Left Brain    

If too happy… / (right brain) we lose touch with reality

If too anxious… (left brain), we become sad / depressed (which can cause bitterness, resentment, depression, anger, G-d Forbid malice. 75% of depression is caused by anxiety.)  

(Right and Left brain as MEMORIES are valuable)

So to create balance When Too Excited / Think Sad Thoughts

When Too Sad/Anxious Think Happy Thoughts
(Happy thought = the world has a messianic redemption – today on multiple factors we are living extraordinarily fortunately!)

Transforming past pain -When you see the good in the bad – the bad becomes good!  
Overcoming Stress    

1. Positive Thinking  

Say the reality you wish 15 X daily

2. Attitude of Gratitude  

Every Morning Tell G-d What You are Grateful For

3. As verbalizing past traumas allows the trauma-emotion to travel from the Amygdala to the Prefrontal lobe –
either sharing in a safe “space,” or write what happened (journal/diary.)
Creating Love

    Imagine we are all sparks of G0d

Primary Relationships


Achieving Consensus – The goal of marriage is where two mature people can come to a joint – talked-through – solution, resolution, or agreement (whenever  there is an issue which affects both parties.)

Kabbalah On Marital Intimacy  

Parents        /
Respect -Honor

Educate – Be Role Model – Pray  

Reach out to at least 1 Weekly  

Work Honesty

My Soul Is Given Mission/s By Our Creator

  See a Problem…   Fix It.  

Jewish /

Gentile – & Nohaide Laws

Male Mission / Marry,
Have Kids, Be Role Model, Support, Make Wife / Kids Happy!

Female Mission

Have Kids, Be Role Model, Nurture, Respect Husband,
When you have a question, ask G0d and the first thought subsequent is His reply!We will connect you with a Jewish business person (mentor) (or ask a friend who is in business)Watch Vids

Annual checkup

Health Partner (accountability)  

Forward Thinking

Middle Brain (prefrontal) = Focus – Proactive  

Are you controlling your thoughts or the reverse?
Overcoming Euphoria

If you are Too Happy, (Delusionally Euphoric)…
  Remember Life has a mission and time-limit    
Learn how to gain Thought Self-Control

Tell Yourself What To Think!

Work it  – AA – Therapist –          
Past Addiction

Every morning a. remember the shame b. Avoid people / places

Overcome resentment
What do you think is fair for you?    

Forgiving (forgive and forget)    
Seeing the good in the bad helps


Success with Time (Mindfulness) – Focus on every event as nothing prior and nothing after exists

  If You Are Not Aware Of Your Thoughts – Take Five Minutes And Just Watch As An Observer
 Getting rid of toxins

No News Diet!
How can you expect to be happy, if you constantly inject negativity   Negative (fear inducing) media

Rabbi Wineberg, I am interested in joining the next Complete Life Makeover – All The Factors group

Preventative Health – WATCH SHORT VIDS

Why We Need Sleep  
How To Get Good Sleep
Why We Need Water   How To Get Enough Water We Need To Exercise
How To Prevent Alzheimer
The good news, at the end…

How Exercise Helps Your Brian  

How To Eat Healthy   The Plate Guide Stress Matters   Overcoming Work Stress


Wellness – Five Most Important Factors

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