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To begin I must say that the Rebbe Rashab who is called the Rambam of Chassidus is very deep – his works are really like dissertations.

However having a background in the Kabbalistic field, but primarily looking for inspiration – hence these “sayings” are actually deductions – they are no more then (often) cross references – as we know “Torah is scant (in its commentary) in one area while vast in another.”


Seer Maamorim 5678



    When Moses asked God please show me your glory – he wished to know God – and God answered cryptically “I will be who I will be.” In fact in Hebrew the words God used (Ehyeh) is one of God’s names.

However God reveals himself in the name of Havayeh – the word Eyeh is the infinite truth – in other words, God as he is concealed and creates the circumstances that shape (your) reality.



    Another amazing insight from the Rebbe Rashab – he brings an example of a teacher and a student – now before the teacher teaches the student, the knowledge is simple – it is so known to the teacher that he need not even think about it – in order to teach the student, he must “lower” himself (stop thinking about lofty thoughts) and teach – this teaches us, that before G-d made the world, none of reality even existed – even as an entity – it was only his desire to give (which manifested… – for example, when a teacher desires to teach, this desire causes the teacher to create, contract, give.)

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