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Quotes from the Rebbe – Shavous 5750

The mechanism of creation is such that it is up to man to make the world a good and ever better – we see this in the behavior of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and all the great Jewish saints.

During Matan Torah the ability to transform the world from negative to positive

After the giving of the Torah there is one Divine direction.

To begin we use our natural passion to fulfill God’s will – we then continually ascend – finally we ensure that in order for there to be unity we eliminate the ego.

  The truth is that in order to go up you cannot be tied-  this is why the Torah was given in a desert.

There is no greater elevation for man than Torah study wherein your mind inculcates the Divine.

Every year not only is the Torah once again given but on an entirely new plane – this teaches us to rededicate ourselves to Torah study, likewise.

During Shavous is an opportune time to take resolutions-  to increase Torah study – firstly this relates to the study of Chitas then of Rambam then any personal classes; most importantly to add, and particularly in public, and finally in return God will add in blessings.

The call of the hour in addition to establishing classes is establishing people – in other words, to inspire others to the point that they become inspirational.

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