Listen to this super carefully – many Nobel prizes have been won on this concept z when people live in safety… which itself is a miracle.. then as there is an instinct for love and as the saying goes “Love is Blind” then they live in in a state of denial about those who seek to harm them – conversely when somebody lives in fear of harm – the nature of the human being is to try to not have pain – they live in a phobia and imagine everyone is a potential danger z this can also lead to narcissism which is both a mechanism of protection through “peacocking” as well as feeling how much others seek to attack you – living very defensively. IRONICALLY narcissism has a great benefit that it makes somebody much more alert…. finally the truth of the matter of course is a. some people are miserable jealous and malicious – other people are actually sweet kind and compassionate – and the only way… because as we mentioned… our brain goes to extremes… that you can be centered is understand That Your Sole/Soul Job Is To Do The Will of God