Your Highest Potential will come about when a. you know that in essence as you are obviously your soul, which is the “you,” the Consciousness; not your physical body which when you’re sleeping is nothing, and certainly when you’re dead, is eaten by worms; and that soul is the Creator! and the Creator desired that people should bond together, for the benefit of unity is greater than individuality; and to do this, as in the Paradigm of man and woman, each has something that the other is better at: men in general in the realm of spiritual fantasy and courage; women in the realm of actualization and tenacity; and uniquely, every person has some type of spiritual gift that they must develop, discover, and bestow

Destiny is comprised of the three primary beings that God created, as taught in Sefer Yetzira, namely: us, time and space; and messianic era, where we are infinitely enveloped in an integrated knowledge of Divine continued inspiration

Your greatest growth comes from your greatest…

God’s timing is perfect

We are no more real than any avatar on any computer

10 things will never change

1. There is nothing but God

2. Everything outside of God is a mix of a soul and some type of body which contains it

3. The nature of all these creations, is a sense of Independence

4. As we sense our independence, hence we also desire our permanence

5. As we desire our permanence hence We Fear our Extinction

6. Every creation of God is part of the grand Symphony

7. A human being is the ultimate purpose of the entire creation

8. The goal of the human is to become wise, kind, generous, and through humility manifest his soul

9. Evil is only a temporary challenge

10. Eventually all people will become like an infinite heartbeat of light, ever shedding through the infinite Divine inspiration new hues

People think Heaven and Hell are rewards and punishments for how we treated God – but it’s actually for how we treat people