Optimal Coping

The Most Advanced Technological and Psychological Breakthrough

Anxious, angry, burnt-out team?
How about Energized! Tranquil! Appreciative!

Join the thousands of grateful!

3 Steps

#1 We will have a free session (either you or your team).

#2 For $100,000.00 we will complete 7-10 sessions (weekly 1-1½ hour). As many as can join in are welcome.

The collective breakthrough wisdom in “Kabbalah-Love” – “From Fear to Love/Positive.”
KabbalahLove.org – See TV Series – Book/Course Attached.

For Corporate settings we use focused transformative wisdom and exercises.
Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism, coincides with the greatest psychological and quantum discoveries – though some information is spiritual – all is non denominational – employees – and celebrities – love it!

#3 Best of all, if your employees do not experience breakthrough change, there is a complete money-back guarantee.

The present is a present 🎁 when you can count your blessings daily!

 Looking forward and God-Bless!

Rabbi Wineberg

For those who reply to this within a week – we are offering whoever completes the course, one of the most sophisticated biofeedback sessions – developed by Dr. Trachtman (proven to eliminate post-traumatic stress syndrome in 50% of VETS! (Over 50,000 have had this life enhancing experience.) This moves a person to the alpha (calm, creative) brain wave.

We will also teach how to be stay optimal.

+ Get “Peak Performance” – As Harvard Author Daniel Goleman says, optimal brain functioning (both calm, as well as productive) is the Kabbalistic state Tifferes (between anxious and care-free.)

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