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Mystical Insights In The Parshah – Chayei Sarah

Mystical Insights In The Parshah – Chayei Sarah (specifically connected with the international Shluchim conference) 5749

As is known that everything is Divinely ordained and specifically the Parsha of the week connects to the events of that week, so there is a lesson from the Parsha regarding the Kinus Hashluchim.
The first Shlichus – being sent for a Divine mission – in the Torah, is when Avrohom sent Eliezer to find a wife for Yitzchok.
The mission of Eliezer really represents the fundamental mission of every soul in this world as it is mirrored in Eliezer’s job to find a wife for Yitzchok.

Rivkah was in a conman’s home – Yitzchok by contrast was as pure as a complete sacrificial being (100% holy) hence this represents the elevation of the body through the soul.

The ultimate goal of the soul is to marry the body, hence the body becomes a perfect wife, mirroring the soul.

Eventually this mission must encompass not only ones own body but extends to the world at large.

Specifically every Jew’s soul is sent by God into this world to illuminate his body and through it the world and when a person is given a mission from God, his soul is also empowered (though it may be frightful and one may wonder who and how can little me) to fulfill their mission completely.
The idea of Dirah Bitachtoinim (God desires to dwell on earth) is specifically that a universe in which God naturally does not appear should invite him in.
This is why a soul on earth, not God, creates this reality for if it was God, it wouldn’t be within the human experience (rather overpowering it into submission).
This in fact creation of Dirah Bitachtoinim is far greater than the creation of the world!! for in the creation of the world the infinite one concealed light to make darkness (matter) but in the act of humbling oneself to allow the Divine to become oneself (the essence of Dirah Bitachtoinim) one takes darkness and makes it light!!
This is seen in how Adam took a world which feels its independence and told all creation – “come let us bow to God.”
The Torah is given in a mechanism that it states a general principle followed by a specific law (for example “keep kosher” and the details etc.)
Amongst people to whom the general mission of revealing Godliness – incumbent on all people – some specifically were chosen as Shluchim with the defined task to transmit to all fellow Jews that they are too.
Here we learn a tremendous analogy and take-home message, for every single deed, no matter how small that a Shliach does, wherever he is, he draws the Divine into the world and as explained, this is greater than the creation of the whole world! (that began by transforming light into darkness, for this is the transformation of darkness into light!)
There is no doubt that the collective Mitzvos done for thousands of years have greatly diminished the egotistical nature of the world / humanity – now it may be, some cannot see this but this is similar to what Chassidus teaches that every Mitzvah we do draws an infinite radiance into the world of Atzilus and it is like locked in a treasure chest – which will be opened when Moshiach arrives. Note 56
As the world is continuously recreated from non-being into being (which parallels the idea of humility into arrogance) hence it is a continuous obligation for we are always returning the world from arrogance into Divine light.
Whoever has no wife is not complete – he is but a half. Note 62
Only in a marriage do people become whole.
In order for one’s mission in life to succeed one must approach it with complete sacrifice (mesirus nefesh.)
Though one begins with mesirus nefesh nonetheless this is only the foundation but the expression is logic – to discern for example in Shlichus what is the right thing to encourage (for ultimately all people are growing and the appropriate step must be for the appropriate level.)
When a person makes resolutions in public especially in a synagogue, especially on a sacred occasion, this has a far greater spiritual ability to actualize.
As the Shluchim represent the whole world they need to make positive resolutions which will resonate throughout the whole world.
The point of the Kinnus is not only the spiritual charge but to charge spiritually the locations one returns to.

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