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Kabbalah On Money – Book Lecture

“I cant believe Sam is making money” said Mr. Kay, CEO of Octagon Group, “I was actually going to fire him.”

Sam came to my course and after he started making the company money, Mr. Kay had me give the course at his Corporate Headquarters.

Why not teach your employees how to attract money?

Well we all know it takes money to make money : )

For the small investment $1,500 (plus Airfare / Hotel if needed) I will share Kabbalah Secrets To Wealth.

My 10 Steps To Attaining Positive Wealth under the heading Kabbalah On Money rank in the top three Google “Kabbalah On Money” searches.

Every day hundreds of people are gaining these secrets.

In addition, from my TV Show “Kabbalah Love” I will show a clip.


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