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Kabbalah on Businesses


The Need To Share

Chapter 1 Why Do We Feel The Need To Be Responsible?



Taking Responsibility


We all reach a point in our lives when we realize that if we don’t take responsibility for ourselves, no one will.




We also learn to be responsible to our families and friends, and to those in society who are less fortunate.


But how far should these responsibilities go, and how should we prioritize them?


Even more importantly, why do we feel the need to be responsible in the first place?


The answer lies in the fact that G-d created us for a reason – to actively pursue a virtuous life and perfect this imperfect world.


To that end, responsibility is a basic human need, just like food or oxygen; we cannot fulfill nor justify our existence without it.




Your first responsibility is to yourself, for you can hardly hope to civilize the world at large if your own life is out of sync.




We are all responsible for our own conduct; you cannot blame your parents or your teachers, your employers or your leaders.


Nor can you blame G-d for making your life so difficult.


For no matter how intimidating any obstacle may seem, G-d would not have placed it in your path without also providing you with the abilities to overcome it.


Practice and Theory


This independence is the greatest manifestation of human dignity.


You – and no one else – are responsible for what you make of your life.




Of course, certain people will always need to be cared for – children, obviously, and adults who are unhealthy or incapacitated.


But we must recognize that every single person, from a special child to a handicapped adult has deep inner resources that must be cultivated to the fullest.


So you are also responsible for the welfare of others and for society as a whole.


We have all been given a choice – to see life as it truly is, with each human being connected to the next, all linked in one large cosmic destiny, or to be consumed with self-interest.




A revered Rabbi once journeyed to visit a younger Rabbi who was known for his religious devotion.


The older Rabbi was very much impressed with the young man’s total immersion in prayer and study, and asked the secret of his unwavering piety.


The younger man replied that by concentrating deeply on his studies, he was able to ignore any outside influences that might distract him.


Indeed the older man had noticed that many of the nearby villagers were involved in activities that were quite contrary to piety.


He said to the younger man “When it is very cold, there are two ways to warm yourself.


One is by putting on a fur coat, the other by lighting a fire.


The difference is that the fur coat warms only the person wearing it, while the fire warms anyone who comes near.”


Practice and Theory

Using Your Talents


Each of us has been given distinct talents and abilities, and it is our responsibility to share them in a positive way.


Practice and Theory


A leader must lead, a teacher must teach, a writer must write.


A skill that you take for granted, may fill an indispensible need for someone else, or may have a far greater impact than you could have ever imagined.


It is your obligation to regularly ask yourself, how can you use your unique abilities to improve the world.


Giving versus protectionism

It might seem possible to look the other way, to insulate yourself and your family from influences that you may consider dangerous or corrupting.


But that is not responsible behavior; that is simple protectionism.




When we see someone in need, we must respond.




When we see injustice we must cry out.




When we see imperfection, we must do everything possible to help perfect the situation.


This does not mean that we should think of ourselves as saviors, sweeping in to rescue people from themselves.


It simply means acknowledging that we are not self-contained individuals, that we are all part of a larger community and are therefore responsible for each other.


It means building a fire instead of putting on a fur coat.


Practice and Theory


No matter how unseemly a person may be, we are responsible for him, and must do everything in our power to help him grow.


We have a special responsibility to assist the incarcerated for instance, giving them every possible opportunity to achieve and grow and rehabilitate.


Practice and Theory

It matters little if you see the result or not


Sometimes we will see the effect of our help, but often we will not; it doesn’t make a difference.


We may feel frustrated and helpless, as if we had been asked to move the entire ocean one spoonful at a time.


But it is not only the result that counts; it is your efforts, and the sincerity behind the effort that fill your innate need to be responsible.


And ultimately, every effort does bear fruit.


Kabbalah On Business



You might wonder?


What does an esoteric doctrine, passed from G-d to Moses, studied only by the greatest Rabbis in secret, and only recently revealed, have to do with business?


You might be surprised to know, that according to the Talmud – the most definitive book on Jewish law – the very first question we are asked when we arrive in heaven… “Did you conduct your affairs with integrity?”


We may ask; why would G-d create a capitalistic economy?


Clearly the world is meant to function that we all have needs and skills – in the exchange of these, we create profit; both economically, but of-course, quite literally, a profit/benefit.


The answer goes to the very first Jewish prayer – a prayer recited by millions of unfortunately martyred Jews – hallowed in its centrality to the Jewish faith;  It can be seen as the raison detr’e of creation, “Observe, Jews; The Lord Our God, The Lord Is One” (Shema Yisroel…)


Now you may wonder, what exactly is so remarkable about the “Lord being one”?


The answer is in the Hebrew word for one.


You see every Hebrew letter is also a number.


The Hebrew word for one, is Echad; it is comprised of three letters/number: Alef/1, Ches / 8, and Daled/4.


In other words, what we are saying is, that, “Understand, that the multiplicity you see, is all in fact a singular energy – manifesting in multiple forms.”


You can sense a great truth – something that unites the various disparate entities, into a sum greater than its parts.


And this is my friend, the secret of creation – for why would, the One, need Many?


The answer is, that the Many, united; form a sum greater than their parts;
Do we not, all love, Love?
Do we not, rejoice in hug?
In a loving spouse?
In loving children?
Does division not cause sadness,
perhaps bitterness and resentment?


Yes; for the world was created for the sole purpose to create unity.


But the secret to unity is actually division – for only things that are different, can have the joy of being similar.


And hence the business world is far more than a necessity or opportunity; (certainly all that causes ego, hence arrogance – separates, and is counter-productive.) Rather the business world is the blessing, not only hopefully to be comfortable, and fulfill our highest calling of giving charity; but furthermore, through the services it provides, and perhaps even more importantly, the encounters it necessitates –
When conducted in a spirit of mutual benefit –
In a spirit of integrity –
In a spirit of collaboration –
In a spirit of win-win –
In a spirit of generosity –
In a spirit of respect –
The process itself, forms bonds, that bring the world, to the sum of its parts.

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