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How Your Employees Using Both The Ancient Kabbalah and Most Modern Breakthrough Psychology Will Have Optimal Thinking and Interpersonal Skills

The Fundamental Book Of Kabbalah The Zohar Predicted That In the Sixth Hundred Century Of The Sixth Millennium (corresponding from 1740-1840) God Will Open The Floodgates Of Wisdom From Above And Below And They Would Converge In Anticipation Of The Messianic Revelation

For those schooled in the Kabbalistic wisdom, modern discoveries corroborate –
when one uses both wisdoms –
one which is from the inside out and the other from the (probing) outside in (in other words, one come from the quintessential core, the other after much toil, discovering a detail…) there is clarity.

The basic principle of Kabbalah:

 Will (Desire) 
Comprehension  IdentificationInsight(s)    
Fear (don’t want – this also gives rise to anger (hate – jealousy – maliciousness)  Concern (compassion) BalanceLove (want)
Sensitive (protectiveness)  Moral (good not cruel)Success (drive)
 Communication (Dignity – Self-Mastery – Authority) 


There are thousands of books on this subject however as it relates to productiveness

Comprehension  IdentificationInsight(s)

The top three are about the mind – if we are too creative we may get nothing done –

the power of identification / focus which comes from Will (hence the need for an incentive – benefit) are what drive the mind to get something –


Fear (don’t want – this also gives rise to anger (hate – jealousy – maliciousness)  Concern (compassion) BalanceLove (want)

Similarly if we are too emotional, too much in love… (even with an idea or specific mechanism) and conversely too much in fear… (which causes self-protection – tunnel vision towards protecting oneself…) we cannot think –

once again the trick lies in balance –

this is easier said than done! –

the first step is understanding that if we are too “high” (which is love – as love creates serotonin – chemical high) we become irrational,
but conversely if we are too anxious… (which usually also causes depression) so to overcome this, we work on getting employees to both feel love (this is through love based meditations) and most importantly overcoming fear (through “its all good…” – or “for the good…” meditations, as the Baal Shem Tov says “If you can see the good in the bad, the bad turn to good” and others.)

[It should be noted, that fear is the basis of all mental illness (based on a European 500,000,000 study – the largest in history, and according to the America Medical Association 80% of physical – when you consider lost work days YOU NEED THIS NOW – ESPECIALLY IN TODAY’S FEAR BASED MEDIA – VIRUS ETC.)


Sensitive (protectiveness)  Moral (good not cruel)Success (drive)

This is a very interesting fact which is that if we are too driven we don’t care about others (which alienates and destroys) if we are too sensitive we are not driven – this is where morality which is getting your way without hurting.

Also communication – learning to not expect a yes – to be able to try, but accept that if something didn’t work out, then G-d has a better plan will create both healthy relationships internally (so people don’t get angry at not getting their way) and clients feel they have a long term partner.

Cost Per Session to a Group $1,000

Ideally working individually this will take 3 sessions – Cost $300.00

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