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How to deal with your Millennials – A Kabbalah Based Work-Place Solution

  1. Based on Kabbalah there are different soul groups:

    Every generation has a different mission.

  2. We are the generation that will enter a new age – an age of interpersonal, intra-personal and inter-Divine oneness.

This is the key:


We come from an age (which as time progressed, less so) that it was (as game theory sort of calls it) “I vs. you.”


In this age, emperors were cool, as were bosses.


To a millennial (messianic era) viewpoint, this  is crude, rude, perhaps even fascist.


Not that they don’t have respect, but they see reality through the lens of the infinite.


In simple words, in life, towards all things, we all have a “yes,” “no” or “maybe.”


From the perspective of desire or fear, we create a “yes” / “no” focused response; but from the perspective of truth, all things depend.


“Should I” based on intellect, is very different from “should I” based on the black and white emotional reaction.


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