How A Human Behaves

It is always been an imperative to teach children who by nature as our sages teach us “a child is born like a wild animal” in other words while each and every one of us has a Divine soul, a beautiful sensitive heart, we also have an ego, a need to get our way!!

Any society that does not raise their children – eventually what occurs is that the child and now the adult doesn’t know what is and isn’t correct behavior.

Effectively throughout human history the only guidance which civilized man and took it away from just allowing “my desires” no matter what it does to the other- like the evil Nike slogan “if it feels good just do it” to be under control – is the wisdom of the Torah / Bible.

This is why secular people who are not seeking truth, but indulging perverted fantasies, and narcissistic aims, are so against the Torah.

So if you seek to be a human, and not an animal, the following five things are what is essential:

1. The first thing is you have to accept that God is infinitely greater than you!!!!

2. The second is you have to accept that God communicates.

3. Third is you have to trust that the 3,333 year Jewish tradition, of His communication which was intact, redacted, studied, and set forth like a set table in the code of Jewish law, which instructs all positive behavior, which really as in every generation there is a Moses – in ours, it was the Lubavitcher Rebbe who says- Judaism boils down to goodness and kindness.

4. The fourth is to understand that the responsibility to be a good and kind person is not on the other, but is on you!! and because many people have created narcissistic identities… false identities to cover over, really, false shame, nonetheless, because they now think they are superior like the wicked Queen in Cinderella… they cannot handle anyone that has any sense of greatness… this is why there is anti-Semitism, anti-america, anti-capitalism, and bullying …and so therefore if you are a good person you must accept that there will be stupid people that will say stupid things… and that’s exactly what they are, and what they’re saying.

5. Last but not least, in order to be a good person you have to be 😊😁 and in order to be happy you cannot live in anxiety – quite simply it’s a big subject and if you read my book Kabbalah Love you will succeed!!!

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