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  The fact is, that if we think about it in reference to the world leaders, a unsurprising revelation comes out! Are they using the God app? No! Are they using the thought App? Obviously not! Are they using “this makes me feel good, or this makes me feel bad app?” Mainly, in the western world! Are they using the “Ego, I” App? Mainly in Dictatorships. That’s why we need Moshiach!

Civilization it’s a funny word   Civilization means civilized   Is civilization civilized?   The common assumption is that once cavemen we were, and then we civilized ourselves.   Was German Nazi organized-to-the-tee civilized?   Can order and anarchy meet?   Heck yes!   Judaism of course had the only true realization of civilization!   In a letter to a one enquiring the fact that Judaism was the first book of ethics for civilization, a book that changed the conception of civilization, the questioner enquired that the code of hamurabi predates the Bible to the great Lubavitcher Rebbe who replied that the code of hamurabi which recommends the chopping off of the arm of the son of a contractor who built a shoddy apartment for a purchaser, is not civilized rather barbarism.   One of the fundamental mistakes we make is to equate order with civility as opposed to security.   Groups of people aren’t civilized if when the fear of punishment, jail etc. is removed they will eat each other alive (as we see all too often in Africa.)   Hence the civilizing of civilization as the Rebbe teaches, is only in the civilization of the individual, when you and I both learn to overcome our selfish side and become givers, when we learn to love and to forgive, when we can control our baser side, that, and only then, have we become civilized.

According to Martin Gilbert, Churchill saw himself as a failed leader – for years he pleaded in vain to the British Parliament to see the evil that was Hitler and was only given his post after bombs rained on England.   America did not enter into the war until bombs fell on Pearl Harbor. What’s up with the West? Sadly the answer is simple; it is the pleasure of a fool’s paradise, that leads westerners to deny reality, until reality denies them of their fool’s paradise.

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