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Book, “Meaning Of Life 8.0”

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The International Sensation

A Multi-Media / Practical Exercises, With Kabbalah TV Radio Web Sensation Rabbi Wineberg!


Author of acclaimed Kabbalah Love – Kabbalah’s Tools For Life

Personal Professional Development

Progressing Positively

Attracting Positivity

 Course Outline

  1. How to transform past pain into future gain

In this section participants will fill out worksheet A., in which they will write three negatives and being creative, find a silver lining.

  1. How to forgive and forward march

In this section participants will gather in small groups and share past hurts, receive the empathy and validation of their peers, and hopefully feel free to forgive.

  1. How to energize yourself through purpose and meaning

Gathering together, Rabbi Wineberg will share the fundamental raison d’etre of life, with a practical daily exercise to achieve it.

  1. Writing Transformations

In this exercise participants will make a gratitude list, learning the power of reading it every morning and night.

  1. Self-Observations

Self-Awareness – In order to achieve self-awareness we must take self-observation seriously, so as opposed, to be running on auto-thoughts, we must begin to watch our thoughts.


In this section participants will be asked to observe their own thoughts.

  1. Personal Mind Control

Choosing Your Thoughts – Once we are aware that our mind is like a TV screen, we then can learn how to use the remote.

In this section participants will be asked to choose to think about a single thought and always refocus on it.

Avoiding Depressive Thoughts – Negative thinking pulls us down – in order to live a happy meaningful and productive life, we need to learn how to change channels.


In this section participants will be asked to change their thinking to a happy memory, every time a depressive negative fear enters.

(Note: There is a difference between a negative thought which causes depression, namely, things you have no control over, and an anxious thought which causes positive action.)

  1. Self-Discipline

Riding The Horse – Life is like when you ride a horse; now if you do not hold the reigns, the horse will choose its own, most pleasurable, lazy, sometimes angry, always foolish, path.


In this section we will learn the art of self-discipline, through ordering ourselves to do what we believe we should.



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This Lecture was presented as a six week course at:

Chabad House Kansas City
Chabad House Johanesburg
Torah Academy Shul
Chabad Of Norwood
Corporate Headquarters Octagon Group
Corporate Headquarters American Insurers

See what participants have said (click for longer testimonial)

 “Deep esoteric principles become understandable tools and remedies for our complicated and often stressful lives.” Sherrill Parkhurst – Teacher, Community Activist

“The Rabbi is a great presenter, mixing stories, concepts, and humor into a very informative curriculum.” Scott Fishman – Attorney, Photographer

“The Kabbalah Class has provided a great introduction into Jewish mystical thought. Rabbi Zevi provides the class with examples that are not only thought provoking but have practical application in our daily lives.” Dr. Steve Waldman

“The radio show “Kabbalah Tools for Life” introduced me to transformation through a practical accessible world of Jewish Mysticism.” Nick Friedman, Radio Producer

“My husband and I enjoyed today’s lecture immensely.  Thank you so much for providing such an inspiring learning experience!”

 Warmest regards,
Adrienne & Bob
Third Party Independent Verified Comments – Day Of Discovery JCC
What did the presenter do especially well?
Great speaker
He followed the logical pattern of the argument very well.  Interacted well with the audience.
Knowledgeable and committed.  Kept everyone’s attention.
He made you feel the subject.
Friendly, well studied.  Engaging.
Storytelling, presentation was wonderful!
New to me – I want to learn more.
Engaging speaker.  Used drawings and visuals.
Great depth of knowledge, good use of humor, very responsive to questions.  His passion for the subject came across clearly!   I left with some ideas I think I can use in my daily life.  I also thought he balanced being the teacher in the room with being modest and humble.  Thank you.
Spoke in language for all to understand.  He had a good sense of humor.  Interesting stories based on the truth.
Communicated well with audience.
Great oratory skills
Got me wanting to explore more.
He was passionate about OUR relationship with G-d.
Simple explanations of the basic points to be made.  Good thoughtful ideas.  His passion comes out while speaking.
Very well organized message.
Pulled together anecdotes for illustration
He wants us to continually learn and grow.
Excellent introduction
Very good presentation and held interest of class.  Interesting topic and stories.
Show enthusiasm for his topic.
Kept attention of class.  Interjected humor during presentation.
Presented ideas easily that we could understand.
Engage the audience with stories and jokes.
Kept my attention.  Was a wonderful hour.  Reconfirmed some of my thoughts.  Felt good to hear it from the rabbi.
He paced the presentation well, interacted with the class, and flowed in a beautiful way that demonstrated his own intimate knowledge of the subject and a compassion/passion to transfer his knowledge.  I also liked his use of stories and illustrations.

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