Audio & Radio Shows

A Audio Class 40 min. Summarizing Tanya

Kabbalah Love Live Class

Chapter 1.


Chapter 2.


Chapter 3.


Chapter 3 1/2.


Chapter 4.


Chapter 5.


Chapter 6.


Bonus – The mission of our generation!



  • What is a Majority? – Numbers or unity

  • Commentary on our Society

  • Freedom of Choice

  • Finding Good in Bad Transforms Bad to Good

  • Meaning and Purpose

  • A Rebbe

  • Stories

  • The Benefit of Kabbalah

  • Marriage Advice

  • Happiness

2. Rosh Hashanah New Year Radio Show – Just Released

3. Radio Show

4. Radio Show

5. Radio Show

6. Radio Show

7. Radio Show

8. Parshas Ki Sisah – Amazing message summarizing God’s strategy which encompasses all of reality, time space, past, present and future.

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