The Poem of Truth

In His Infinite Love
In His Infinite Goodness
In His Infinite Graciousness
In His Infinite Kindness
There are really Infinite Positive Attributes / Adjectives

He Bestowed Life
He Bestowed Wife
He Bestowed Giving
He Bestowed Children

But everything bestowed – as He wished for us to participate

For only those who participate, feel valuable

And feeling valuable is the only, well feeling, of feeling valuable

And to feel valuable, you must feel accomplished

And to feel accomplished, you must, well, accomplish

So in everything He bestowed

He bestowed in it the capacity for a curse or a blessing

For when we God-forbid curse (feel ungrateful – entitled, hence angered, hence jealous, hence enraged, hence disturbed)

But when we understand that all that we have, is just his

When instead of allowing what He bestowed to make us feel smug, and it’s corollary of demonic attitudes

When instead, we allow it to make us feel
Empowered to do more good

Yes then
And only then
Is what can’t become a curse becomes a blessing