Have a meaningful and Moshiach – New Month Of Nissan / Miracles – Shabbos Rosh Chodesh!

Quotes – The Rebbe’s Most Recent (5751 – 1991 The Words Of The Torah Are Eternal) Talk On This Parsha

Regarding what has been emphasized greatly recently, that everyone must do everything in their power to bring Moshiach…

As in these days – the end of the month of Nissan – Golus ended, quite literally….

And certainly Moshiach is about to come – that we shall all say He was already here…

We should explain the connection of Moshiach to this Parsha:

The Parsha begins, when a woman gives birth to a male – this represents Moshiach who is “male,” permenant.

Furthermore this refers to our Avoidah – Divine service in Galus – which grows the Redemption (zeriah – tzmicha.)

(That week Tazria – Metzoirah were together…)

Metzoirah is also the name of Moshiach who sits and is suffering – from our sins (which he takes on, so we suffer not ED. )

Why do we emphasize in the Moshiach’s name something not so positive?

Chassidus teaches that the name Metzoirah which refers to a person who has refined themselves completely, hence only a little mark may remain on their clothing.

Also the idea that it is on the skin means that the negative has no impact (internally.)

They are also very rare occurrences.

In fact they are positive high light – and only if the Cohen deems them Tzarras does it so become.

These two aspects (that Tzaaras is both very high light and a minor negative) are interdependent.

Becuase Tzarass is really high light, so when something negative comes from it – it simply is very minor.

This is why the way to fix it is through revealing that it really is not dark, but light.

The way to get rid of the darkness is revealing that it is light.

The true reason for negative from positive is that as the light is so strong, the containers (receivers) not being able to handle, may “shatter.”

The reason for this shattering is that the great light seeks to return to it’s source.

If the light can be contained / received well, then as it settles…

This is simalear that if after a person prays intensely (they don’t ground it (with Torah) the energy can lead to anger / arrogance.

The solution is to be completely humble – for when we are humble (like a servant before his king – completely loses any sense of selfhood…) the light penetrates and permeates.

In order for these two opposites – running & returning – Chessed and Gevurah to coexist as one – a force beyond both is needed.

This is the force of Torah which must be studied with humility.

When we are humble we become the recievers for Torah.

As Torah comes from beyond reality, therefore it can coalles, the two forces.

The same is true about Galus – especially the final moments – the reason for this is, that the light coming from such a high place but being contained… reveals darkness.

Hence as the light is very high – actually the problem is very minor.

As well as the rectification from exile to redemption is not through anything – rather from revealing the truth of the high light.

The goal is not getting rid of exile but transforming it.

As is known, by putting the Alef into Golah (exile) you end up with Geulah (redemption )

That the infinite light descends!

This automatically causes that the negative transforms.

The main mechanisim we accomplish this is through our humility and mesirus nefesh, which is mainly experienced both in exile and at its end.

And through the humility of our Yechidah soul-essence that receives from the One, we accomplish this.

(Just as the Metzoirah had to be alone – simalerly Moshiach is “alone/unique” even greater than our Forefathers and Moses.)

So the positive side of Metzoirah is the revelation of the high light (that transforms all darkness.)

This ultimately is the bond of the Divine soul in the body.

This of course can only happen from the Infinity of God – that even as Jews are souls in bodies, their essential Divinity becomes their personality.

Moshiach is found in the time and place of exile and suffering the sins (as the Rambam says – “If a king from the House of David gets up”… “He already is a king…” )

(We find all Chassidim / Talmidim would consider their Rebbe Moshiach.)

Moshiach cannot wait to be the redeemer.

This is also connected to the Pirkei Avos we begin to study.

It begins with the name Rebbi – which the Talmud says if Moshiach is from the living it definitely is “the Great Rabbi” (Rabbeinu Hakodesh) “as he sits and suffers the pain of exile.”

In our generation – after all our suffering and growth – every Jew has level of a Great Man – and only the most minor Galus issues are there.

As we have finished all to bring Moshiach, the question then is – so what is the final thing we need to do (including and most importantly to reveal the Moshiach within!)

The answer is “whatever is of beauty to God and man.”

The answer is – Tifferes – beauty/Torah.

As it is so great it can combine extremes.

Ratzu – The closeness and love for God – Shuv – and that the great light should manifest within.

This reveals the true purpose of exile.

And creates a redemption that can never fall.

The reason why Torah is the medium for the revelation of Moshiach – it is known that Moshiach contains two elements- both King and Rabbi – that he teaches Torah to everyone – the differentiation between these two – the idea of Moshiach being a king is his effect is peripheral – this occurs through the people to him being humble – the idea of Moshiach being a Rabbi demonstrates on his internal connection which he achieves through teaching Torah.

The combination of the two demonstrate that the infinite light unifies below.

We can connect this to the time of the month – Iyar:

The month of Iyar represents serving God from below to above (man reaching….)

This comes after the revelation of the light from above in the month on Nissan.

The month of Redemption.

And the goal is the unity of both (God within man.)

The power to combine opposites comes from God

Rochel represents all our service during exile to bring Redemption.

As it states “Rochel cries without comfort over her children in exile.”

And through her service representing the highest lights within man – she brings redemption.

So when the highest light descends, there can be zero darkness.

The world can’t stand against Moshiach, for the world comes from God.

As such the eradication of opposition comes from revealing that the world is God’s

To bring Moshiach we must learn the parts in Torah that teach about Him.

To bring Moshiach now, everyone – men women and children must learn about Moshiach!

Best would be to learn ten together!

And the main thing – as is obvious – to add in performing Mitzvos very well – especially the Mitzvah of Tzeddakah.

And it is especially good to connect the Tzeddakah and Torah study – with the intention that the Tzeddakah is to bring Moshiach!

As our sages teach “Great Is Tzeddakah as it begins redemption.”

May the very good resolution in the above bring the Redemption.

Simply SPEAKING that this very Shabbos the birth and revelation of Moshiach – that we merit to hear the announcement “Moshiach has arrived”. “Here is the previous Rebbe, and all the Rebbe’s and the Tzaddikim and leaders of the Jewish people including Moshe and Aron.”

Together with all Jews – our sons and daughters – elders and young – God brings from the four corners of the earth on Clouds to Jerusalem and to the Holy City and to the Holy Beis Hamikdosh and in the Kodesh Hakodishim – when Moshiach comes every Jew will be able to go into the Kodesh Hakodishim not only on Yom Kippur but daily.

And this is the main thing that this all happens in a practical way so we can say Shechinyanu!

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