From the Rebbe – In Parshas Vayakhel it is related: “Women who were generous and talented sowed the goat hairs” (created threads for the curtains of the Mishkan.)The women who were very talented were able to tye threads as it was on the goat.This was a unique talent that not many have.A Question:Everything the Torah relates has an eternal message, but seemingly this is a story only related to the creation of the Mishkan.Also we find in Parshas Vayakhel that the curtains were sowed prior to the beams… – though they were made to cover the beams – Why?These two episodes teach us something very profound:The first is that every unique gift God gives a person is exclusively there for them to use it for the benefit of God / others.As such the righteous women – though not commanded to – personally elected.This also relates to extra income – there was a Chossid of the Alter Rebbe who knew that whenever he earned extra, there would be a request for a donation from the Alter Rebbe via mail or he would meet someone collecting for the Jews of Israel. When we have extra income we should use it for charity.As the wool was sowed on the goat, it would have been uncomfortable for the goats to wait (till the beams) were built – from here we learn, that if to goats we must have sensitivity…, how much infinitely more so to humans.

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