The 10 Paradigm Shifts That Transform

  1. This world is not random = everyone and every event is bursting with meaning – your goal is to find it!
  2. The ultimate reason for creation – Divine love! – As such God awaits (after we realize the futility of futility…. and seek the purpose / meaning…) that we discover and love our Creator who (as love is a reciprocal emotion) loves us back…. and as He is infinite, His guidance….
  3. The past was a bridge to the present, which if treated correctly will be your bridge to the future – as reality is infinite – your bridges….
  4. Evil acts but as a contrast.
  5. As Kabbalah and quantum physics teach – the future is God’s past – hence He can tell us what will come – and an era of infinite light is, and to some extent has, descended.
  6. Whatever you do, give up fear.
  7. Whatever you do, give up resentment.
  8. Better to give your life for another, than to keep it callous.
  9. Every word of God is eternal – while every word of man is fleeting.
  10. Get married.