We are sitting around the table with MoshiachThe only thing that is missing is that a Jew should open up his eyes properly, and he will see how everything is prepared for Redemption! We already have the set table we already have the Liviyasoin and the Shor Habor and the Yayin Hamishumer – the Jewish people are already sitting around the table – “the table of their father” (the king of kings God) together with Moshiach Tzidkeinu (as it says in the Holy books that it every generation there is one from the descendents of Yehuda who is fitting to be Moshiach) and in our generation is is the leader of the generation…Parshas Vayeitzei 5752

Moshiach is winningWe see in an actual fact that “Fighting the war of God” occurred and in many respects He has already won – and specifically a war of peace (overcoming the enemies with love ED.) and this Nitzachoin/victory also comes from the terminology of permanence (Nitzachoin) and is connected with NeTZaCH – Nun relating to the 50th Gate – Tzaadik the 90th year as Jewish people call this year and Ches the Revelation of Moshiach connected to number eight.Parshas Chayei Sara 5752

Announcement of the time of redemptionThis is more emphasized this year… in which the words of the Yalkut Shimoini “the year that Moshiach will be revealed… The time for your Redemption.” … And since then… we are already standing “in the time that Moshiach comes… *and announces to the Jewish people, humble ones, the time for your Redemption* has arrived.”Parshas Nasoi 5751

We’re seeing Moshiach’s effectAs we’re standing in the most propitious time of the coming of Moshiach – *we’re already seeing a little bit of the beginning of* his effect on the nations – “He will judge between the Nations and rebuke many nations and they will beat their swords into Plowshares etc.” As God has placed on the hearts of the King’s of the nations (the heart of kings of the nations is in God’s hands) to announce together about the time that “they will be beat their swords into Plowshares.”Parshas Mishpatim 5752

The beginning of the revelation of the Torah of Moshiach -What is unique especially about the Rosh Hashanah and Matan Torah of the Torah of Chassidus is that it begins the revelation of the Torah of Moshiach, the reasons of the Torah (the secret reasons and the depth of her secrets) “a new Torah comes from me” infinitely greater than the revelation of Matan Torah.Parshas Vayishlach 5752