Eisav Already Refined… based on the signs of our Sages (in Mesachte Sanhedrin and in Medrashim and in many locations) we are already in the period of redemption – this is obvious after the incredible amount of our service in Galus, started with the fathers of Chassidus until the service of the Previous Rebbe…. So we have already completed all the Birurim – including the birur of Eisev / Edom.How much more so considering that even in the time of Yakkov – he thought that Eisav was already refined, so after so much effort Eisav has already been refined completely – as we see this also by the behavior these days (in Galus Edom) of the nations of the world that come from Eisav, and this approach is spreading to other countries – as we have seen and we are seeing (especially recently.)Parshas Veyeitzei

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