A Bunch of new Quotes

not using your head, is the greatest spitting in God’s face possible

There is no possibility of freedom – for we are all driven by desire, like a child – though as adults it may be more defined

at no point is the universe – God’s many props not cocmnating

Imagine – all the happy – faces – past, present, future

If God Is God why did he wait 5782 years to redeem us – but unless we get Godly

 If you take yourself too seriously – not good

99% of the time people are simply mirror(ing you – if you are happy, grumpy or even simply down – this is what you will see)

The most important part of your car and your life – fire

Our goal – God’s puppet

Nothing is unfair, because nothing is fair

The past only matters, when you are trying to change it – which unless you have a time machine

Whether you like it or not, at every moment you are painting the picture of your life – which colors?

Having friends who own companies two things are true – as people they are a bit above average  – and even though they are nice bosses and people – if their employees were not providing a necessary service they would not spend more than maybe 5 min (maybe if it was a great conversation an hour)

God seeks love and Joy


even the most righteous person has evil in them and even the most evil person has righteousness in them

do not today what tomorrow you wish you hadn’t

have you been inhabited (any desire which you desire not, but you have in you!)

The whole purpose of this world is for a human being to desire to do the right thing – and then God will always show you

Any addiction – anything you desire besides desiring to fulfill God’s desire – is an addiction

Who is your leader?

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