The Ultimate

Having had the great privilege and honor of putting into quotes almost all of the Rebbe’s epic talks from 5748 (1988) to 5752 (1992) available on my website (Lacademyoflife.org) a single theme is evident.

So every single talk – bar-none – the entire Sicha / talk is invariably all about one concept – which perhaps is the entire goal of Dirah Bitachtoinim / Moshiach.

“There is the benefit of the Jew seeking God (for that which we personaly desire is most important to ourselves.)

There is the benefit in God guiding – for obviously an infinite guide (even GPS) is always infinitely better than a finite – in addition, the levels of infinity are likewise infinite, hence through God’s guidance we can continually ascend.

And the ultimate is where these two, namely human desire and Divine guidance become one.