Maagid On VA-eira


73. Moses complained to God that since I came to speak to Pharaoh (instead of doing good) you have done evil to this nation.

God answered him, by alluding to the fact that for God to create, he must conceal His infinite light (otherwise we would blow out of existence.)

Though what appears may be a limitation, but the very limitation is a gift (like a cup that limits the flow of water, but allows it to be useful.)

In every single thing (even negative) there must be a gift (positive… as the essence of God’s will, is kindness.)

Only in the future will the infinite kindness of God become apparent (this will be able to be received by the righteous… but the very same light will singe the evil.)

This is what happened in Egypt where the same Divine light destroyed the Egyptians and healed the Jews.

The reason that beforehand is dark – is necessary for the establishment of the world (finite human reality.)


This is also the reason that the very darkness is the very light – for specifically through the concealment can come the revelation.


In everything there is both the Love of God (which is why it exists) abut as a palace needs a master – there is also the fear (concealment – strictness – sort of like a parent).


This is the way we must serve God, firstly we inspire our love for Him, then our fear, and in this God can take delight.


Moses was the greatest prophet, as his humility as we know was the greatest – hence he was most able to receive.


Whatever we understand of God’s greatness is nothing, for just as if one were to praise “Samson the Mighty” for being able to lift a thread, compared to his strength, it would be nothing – as God is infinite, everything we comprehend (which by nature must be finite) compared to the infinite – is nothing – however Moses did serve God from this infinite space.

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