There are 5 principles – the first principle is that every single thing that exists, besides the first is a composite of a spirit within some sort of body – whether that is a cell, or bacteria, a dog, a human, an Angel – Everything is a composite of those two elements – and all bodies themselves exist within universes – Which are time, space, souls – In other words, other body / souls – dimensions – So once you understand that, you understand that there is a single Being that is the source of everybody, the source of Every Soul, the source of every time space soul/universe Dimension – Once you understand that you understand that this must have a deep and infinite reason, meaning and purpose – which is ultimately as the mystics tell us that God made the world because He foresaw us and in His love for us He both created ourselves, our universe … the ability for us to be foolish which comes from a lower Universe, filled with again souls and bodies but these are evil spirits – that are filled with narcissistic delusions and hence jealous hate that seek to influence us and implant within us desires, whether it is lust or ego or anger and jealousy – which causes us to leave our true Spirit our Soul of God, of compassion, goodness of Truth – and of love – and when we overcome the latter for the former – and in fact when we seek truth beyond lust and narcissistic grandeur – then the Infinity of the Infinite First, becomes our personal GPS, allowing us to continuously Learn and Grow and Give – and then as the world, which it is in the process of doing, individually and collectively, ascends – the Infinity of God descends- and then there will be not only the personal Redemption, but also the Messianic miracles to accompany