All the information that matters and everything else doesn’t

1. In the beginning only God existed.

2. For five reasons did God make you and everyone else.

2a. The first and primary reason is LOVE, like a parent births their child.

2b. The second reason is God, like we all, seeks to (self) express.

3c. The third reason, like we all do, is we enjoy pleasure and the greatest pleasure is Nachas… feeling proud of ourselves and our children, which is why He gives us both free choice and advice on how to be good and grow.

2d. The fourth reason is we love giving to those we love, and God wishes not only to grant us complete physical safety and benefit, which we, through our gratitude make Him feel good about – but more importantly, to give us Infinite Spiritual Truths that allow us to continuously self develop, and make the world better.

Once we are aware that we are created by love, and it is love that continuously creates all the benefits of this world – then we are ready for the fifth reason, which is for us to love one another.

3. The next most important thing to know is that our happiness and in fact everyone’s happiness and our mission in life is simply to Unconditionally Love. Which is just like the love we have (or should have) for ourselves.

4. The thing that gets in the way of Love is hate.

5. Now it is not normal to hate, rather to love…. but the reason we hate is because somebody who themselves was hated and is jealous of the love that we have, becomes malicious (this is bullying, anti-Semitism anti-American, anti-wealth, obviously terrorism).

6. The only antidote to hate, because those who hate are exceedingly Sly (subconsciously, though nonetheless) in making us feel guilty – so the antidote is to feel proud of oneself.

7. The only way to feel proud of oneself is to understand that you are not only a part of God! for Every Soul is a part of the Source Soul – but also that you are Taking Part In God’s Plan.

8. The way you can achieve the purpose of your specific part in the infinite plan of God is obviously first and foremost through obeying the Divine Commandments (613 for Jews and seven for Gentiles) but furthermore and most importantly, to both be aware of the faults in the world and when you see a solution to actually do something!! and perhaps equally as important, to have a personal spiritual Chassidic mentor, called a Mashpia or / and ask God, what is the purpose of your life? and as is well known from Jewish mysticism, the first thought subsequent to your question, will be His reply.

These and these eight things alone contain all that matters, and today when there is so much information-overload, particularly of cults, and ideas, and lust, that seek to divert you from all that matters – unless you can focus exclusively on what DOES Matter, you will end up wasting God-forbid your life.