From the Besh”t The Sifra teaches, “That Yetzer Hara, From Your Heart Remove.” (Not sure what this refers to… ED.)Just as God is singular in the universe, so too, your service should be singularly to Him.This is a great principle! A person should be singularly focused on serving God – as the verses states, “God made it that (naturally) we fear Him (and go on the straight road) and people find crooked paths.” From the many “ideas…” we become confused (as to the direction of life.)Consider that everything that exists in this world comes from God – and everything that people do/create from the power of their intelligence / plans also – even the smallest thing that occurs in this world emanated from God.May it make no difference to you if something happened exactly as you did or didn’t want – for it all comes from God, and as such it is equally good if it didn’t go according to your wishes.Consider that everything – whether it is the universe of the Spheres, whether it is the world of Angels, or the world of the Throne (Presumably this refers to the worlds of Asiyah, Yetzirah and Beriah ED.) all of it is nothing – like a non-existence – relative to God.They all exist within the vacuum of His contracted light that He contracted within Himself (to make space for their existence ED.) They all were created by a single word (or sentence ED.)So why should you chase any stupid pleasure within those worlds, for they are but a single sentence/word from God?! Far better to attach yourself higher, within God-Himself who is the source (and not to attach oneself to an offshoot.)This is the intent of the Zohar, “Blessed are the Tzaddikim who know how to attract their hearts to the King Above, and not to this world – attractions that will dissipate” (for all the universes are destined to be destroyed (or infinitely elevated ED.)) Always think to connect to God from sheer love – for God is greater than everything in this world, for everything good in this world comes only from Him.And think, “I always seek to give God, Nachas (pleasure) and to constantly serve Him.”Always have your thoughts connected to God above and this explains the verse, “And from the Mikdash (Holy space) don’t exit.”And when you need to delve into matters of this world, imagine that you are now going from the heavenly realm down (like a person going from his home to the outside – whose intent is to right way return – and while he is out, he is constantly thinking about when he will return – similarly you should feel about the higher realm… that there is your true home – In God – hence even when you speak in matters pertaining to this world, you will return your thoughts to God.