The lessons from Jewish Mysticism

1. You are Divine (God is the only reality – everything you see is merely like everything you have seen on your computer – information displayed graphichly.)

2. Obviously your primary self-image of both self and the world is that of a separate – identity –

3. The goal is not to reject the world nor your body – identity, rather to transform  – inspire – use everything – including yourself – for God

4. The way we do this a. you can ask God what to do and your first thought subsequent is His reply b. You should have Chassidic Rabbi / Rebbetzin spiritual mentor (in this system God will come through them to you) c. There are obvious facts, like goodness and kindness.. not cruelty and meanness d. The Torah gives us specific guidelines in love, business, daily conduct (at least for a Jew… – 7 Noahide laws for everyone)

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