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The four stage

1. When we are very little we develop a super ego (we assume that every time mommy fed, burped, changed etc. me was because she responded to me!! – As mommy is the whole universe, therefore the whole world should to me, react!

2. We throw tantrums! – have a psychological trauma / transformation, that mommy is not obeying : ( – we realize, I am a small powerless person

3. In humility… as the mind learns – we now quickly absorb vast amounts of info.

4. At some point we become bullied – we dissociate from the scoundrels (as the saying “I love humanity, it’s the people I can’t stand”)

5. At some point – usually due to existential aimlessness, we realize (or more precisely God shows us) there is an All-Loving Creator

6. We infinitely Grow 📈

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