How To Have Happy Teams

Gallup Reports (Nov 18 2021) 35% of Managers (of people) are always or often Burnt Out

APA (American Psychological Association) reports 78% of Americans say Covid is a significant source of stress for them

Gallup Reports 48% Of Employees are actively looking for new jobs

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There are basically only three rules in life – the first, as all of human history and certain modern current events prove 99.9% of people are born in the world / die stupid – and if you wish to buck the trend, as King Solomon, the wisest of men said, “The beginning of wisdom is fear of God” which practically means, as he says “The only reason we exist is to fulfill the will of God” – The second is the ability to discern that will, which generally speaking comes from the Torah and Mitzvos, and specifically speaking comes from “the language of God.” And last but not least – all of Judaism, besides “the language of God” boils down to in simple English “Don’t be a jerk”.


The four stage

1. When we are very little we develop a super ego (we assume that every time mommy fed, burped, changed etc. me was because she responded to me!! – As mommy is the whole universe, therefore the whole world should to me, react!

2. We throw tantrums! – have a psychological trauma / transformation, that mommy is not obeying : ( – we realize, I am a small powerless person

3. In humility… as the mind learns – we now quickly absorb vast amounts of info.

4. At some point we become bullied – we dissociate from the scoundrels (as the saying “I love humanity, it’s the people I can’t stand”)

5. At some point – usually due to existential aimlessness, we realize (or more precisely God shows us) there is an All-Loving Creator

6. We infinitely Grow 📈