5 Amazing Rebbe Geulah Teachings (Teaching about Redemption Now!)

Lighting Shabbos Candles – Tznius

In the Haftorah of Parshas Bishalach it indicates the fundamental Mitzvos that Jewish women do in which merit the redemption will come:

“Devorah the Prophetess… the wife of Lapidus.” “Why does it mention the wife of Lapidus? To indicate, she would make wicks for the Mikdash (Mishkan Shiloi.) (And for this reason she merited prophecy and the light of Torah, and she judged the Jewish people – the Maharsha.)

The example of this is, in the Mikdash, in the house of every Jew – the Jewish women light Shabbos (and Yom Tov ) candles, which light up the entire home – and through this their entire environment and the entire world.  Similar to the wicks in the Mikdash that Devorah made, which lit up the Mikdash and the whole world – and from there (the Mikdash…) light to the world emanated.

“She sat under the palm tree.” “Why Palm tree? – To prevent Yichud (the prohibition for men and women secluding themselves.) (As the palm tree being high and provides no shade (it doesn’t have leaves below…) therefore no one could have Yichud with her (as could happen in her home.”) This is the Mitzvah of Tznius. (As the verse states, “The honor of a princess is within.”) And this is also emphasized in the song of Devorah as she writes, “A woman from here tent / home is blessed.” “Who does this refer to, Sarah, Rivkah, Rochel, Leah,” whom are the foundations upon whom the entire House of Israel is based.

Shabbos Parshas Bo 5752


We must spread the word everywhere, that we are at the end of all our work in exile…. And we are at the beginning of receiving the reward….And hence our Avodah (Divine service) should be also in Moshiach matters, firstly …. Making Joyous Farbrengens, especially as they relate to marriage and Sheva Brochois… including the strengthening of the Jewish custom to make a table for the poor (at the wedding…) similar to and in preparation for Moshiach times… when the world will be filled with joy.

Shabbos Parshas Teitzei 5751

Chapter 4 To Contemplate

Though our sages say, Moshiach comes when no one is thinking about Him – this does not contradict the need to contemplate deeply about Moshiach. (Firstly to recognize that we are already in the biggening stage of Moshiach, “Moshiach is Here” as all the end points of exile have passed – and we already completed Teshuva – and we have completed our Divine service entirely – with all the details (as mentioned.)) – So the reason it is okay to think deeply about Moshiach is because not thinking about him also means, “Beyond knowledge…” meaning after you truly get Moshiach (through thinking and contemplating) now it is something that is automatic (doesn’t require thinking.)

Shabbos Parshas Balak 5751

Chapter 5 – Prayer

Another lesson and this is also the main thing vis a vis singing in prayer (which is also called “Rina”) in a way of “Shira” (as is known, the Alter Rebbe would pray with singing) for in addition to the song which is connected with elevating (consciousness, from below to above) now (having completed all the elevations…) we need the song which comes from the attachment and unification with the Higher (…God_) as a preparation for the new song of Moshiach.

Especially when we are praying for Moshiach (especially after all the end dates for Mashiach’s arrival have come and gone… and we have completed all matters of Divine service, as the Previous Rebbe said.) Hence in addition to the longing that we have for redemption, we now must mainly be feeling joy, that the redemption is actually coming, literally this second!

Thursday Parshas Bishalach 5752

Chapter 6 Farbrengens

We must spread the word everywhere, that we are at the end and conclusion of all our work during exile… And we are in the beginning stages of receiving the reward – the reward for the Tzaddikim – and as such, we must serve God in matters that are about Moshiach… and this is the main thing, amid tranquility and calmness, joy and happiness, which includes joyous Farbrengens and especially in regards to the celebrations of weddings and Sheva Brochois…

Shabbos Parshas Teitzi 5751

Chapter 7 Resolutions

And as is the custom in such Farbrengens – we must accept upon ourselves good resolutions to add in all matters of Torah and Mitzvos – and to spread Torah and Judaism and Chassidus to the whole world – and the custom is to mention (prior to undertaking these extra resolutions (for additional activities…) “If Chas Vishaloim Moshiach will be delayed…” – (then we will do them.)
For we await Moshiach’s coming today! and therefore we clarify that these resolutions (which relate to our service in the exile) are if Chas V’shaloim Mashiach’s imminent arrival is delayed.

Shabbos Parshas Devarim 5751

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