How did 27% of the U.S. and many other countries reject God, normalcy and become radically anti-west pro terrorism (Biden just gave the most savage terrorists not only a country but 80 billion in U.S. arms as Obama gave them Iraq, Syria etc.) and need we mention anti-semitic – this is becuase the liberal crowd consists mainly of two types – university graduates, professors – these institutions were deeply brainwashed – and cultivated by arab money (buying chairs etc.) marxisim etc. and the other is the youth whom have now an internet where the same forces that worked so hard at brainwashing otherwise normal people have direct access


AN Open Letter To Our Creator


I know you get lots of complaints – and truth be told I have some too

But mainly I want to say


Thanks, for there was nothing that compelled You to make me


For there was nothing that compelled you to ensure my parents would love, feed, clothe educate


For there was certainly very little compelling reason for my wife to marry

Thanks! for I definitely never deserved to have three amazing kids


For in your infinite kindness You hid Yourself

So I felt existential angst

And when I seeked, eventually through Chovois Halivavois, Duties of The Heart (Gateway TO Trust) I discovered a God of Love (I knew about a God of fear)

Thanks! for then I got an amazing Rabbinical post

Thanks for then jealous politics and circumstances beyond my control made me leave

Thanks! for then in the new existential aimlessness I discovered that our great Moshiach, Master, Leader, the Rebbe of our Generation had revealed the deepest secrets!  And most of all, I wish to thank you for allowing me to be part