There only three things a human being needs to know – the first is that this world is no different to a Programmer who made a video game – And the way that you win the game is first of all the game is teaching you… so you cannot get upset – Because everything that happens is happening for the Good – (While that only applies to you personally – if others are being hurt, you should be upset! And you should do everything in your power to help them!) – And in the end of the day, you have to understand that this game has gone on for 5,782 years! After 5,000 years of civilization, which anthropologist tell us is how old civilization is.. – we have, mainly through the Bible, God, the Jewish people, come to a much better place! And soon Moshiach, a miraculous salvation similar to the exodus from Egypt will completely eradicate the last vestiges of insanity and hate, and bring about the Infinite Growth 📈 Positive – both Physical and Spiritual, Dimension