9 Ways To Bring Moshiach!

How To Bring Moshiach

Simply stated – every single Jew –  men, women and children must do everything in their power to bring Moshiach.

Now what can they do – this is actually obvious, adding in their Torah and Mitzvos and in their study of Torah, both the revealed and inner dimension, and doing Mitzvos B’hiddur (scrupulously.)

Shabbos Parshas Tazria-Metzoirah 5751

Studying About Moshiach – Brings

The clear path to bring Moshiach is to study about Moshiach.

We can study in Torah Shebicsav (the written Torah – especially in the Prophets whom speak very much about the coming of Moshaich.) And we can study in the Torah Shebal Peh – the Oral Torah – in Gemarah (especially Tractate Sanhedrin and the end of Makois) and the Medrashim – especially in the inner part of Torah – beginning with the Holy Zohar (which as is known, “Through this book, the Jewish people will leave exile with compassion and mercy”)) and especially the teachings of Chassidus (which “through the spread (of their teachings) Moshiach will come”) and in the teachings of our Rebbes, and especially in the teaching of our Rebbe – which parallels and is a preparation for the teaching of “Torasoi Shel Moshiach – the Torah teachings of Moshiach,” which as we know, “He will teach everyone the inner dimension of Torah and knowledge of God” as the Rambam Paskens (rules Halachickly) that “In that age, the Jewish people will be great scholars and know great secrets and comprehend (to the extent humanly possible) the knowledge of their Creator.”

Adding in the study of Torah in the concepts of Moshiach, is the clear path to bring Moshiach!

 Shabbos Parshas Tazria-Metzoirah 5751

Study Pirkei Avos

The mechanism to bring Moshaich is simple – through increasing in our study of Torah and performance of Mitzvos.

Including what is relevant now (when this Sicha-talk was said ED.) to fulfil the Jewish custom of saying Pirkei Avos (on Shabbos after Mincha) between Pesach and Shavous and through the summer months.

Shabbos Parshas Shemini 5751

It is a good – in fact very – good idea that in addition to studying Pirkei Avos, every person based on their capacity should add (at least one) Mishna in which they study it with the commentaries.

Studying Rambam

When Moshiach comes, the completion (perhaps the greatness…ED.) of Halacha – which like the Torah, is eternal, will be revealed.

As such, it makes sense to say, that the study of The Rambam, which is the complete body of Jewish laws, hastens the coming of Moshiach.

Kuntres – Halachois Einan Biteilois 5752

Study Likuitie Torah and Torah Oir

We should undertake to study the entire Torah Oir and LIkutie Torah (including the parts that are not on the Parsha) and through studying (these esoteric holy ideas) we hasten.

Shabbos Parshas Tazria-Metzoirah 5751

Learn Mishnayous

The true redemption of the “Pidyoin Shevuim” (Recapturing stolen books) is obviously when this adds in the Torah study (of-course mainly in these very books.)

As such the 5th of Teves must cuase an addition in the study of Torah – beginning with the first book of the Oral Torah – Mishnayoius.

Based on this we can understand how redeeming books brings the general redemption.

The verse clearly states, “Tziyoin will be redeemed through justice etc.” in other words, through the study of Torah we merit redemption.

This is especially through studying Seforim beginning with Mishnayous, as our sages say, “The exiles return in the merit of Mishnayous.”

And the “Tziyoin will be redeemed through justice” is further emphasized through the studying of these books that were redeemed.

5 Teves 5752

Innovate Torah Insights

One should be passionate about their Torah study, to the extent they have novel insights.

This is both for oneself as well as for the sake of teaching others.

As is known that every Jew can and must innovate new Torah insights (obbiously consistent to Torah.)

This applies both in Aggadah, in the revealed and inner parts of Torah – and each person based on the source of their soul (has a unique part of Torah that they are most proficient to innovate in.)

This includes and is mainly in the inovation and the spreading the wellsprings of Torah (Chassidus) which is a foretaste of the Torah of Moshiach – and henc through doing such one hastens redemption.

Shabbos Parshas Nasoi 5751

Chapter 3

Mitzvos and Jewish Minhagim – Customs

And the main thing as is obvious, to add in doing Mitzvos Bi’hiddur and especially in giving charity.

Shabbos Parshas Tazria-Metzoirah 5751


The Mitzvah that has a unique ability to bring Moshiach is Tzeddaka – “Tzedakah is great, as it hastens the redemption!”

From this we understand, that we must add in giving Tzeddeka… and the sooner the better.

Especially as we do not know the exact Mitzvah that will tilt the scales to redemption – so it could be just a few coins are needed.

As the Rambam writes in Halacha, “Everyone must envisage as if the world has a scale in which 50% of the deeds are good, and 50% the opposite, and one Mitzvah will tilt the scale and cuase redemption for oneself and the whole world.”

1st Night Chankua 5752

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