I wish to share what I believe brings great clarity to possibly great confusion… and to preface, to give me some “street-cred” Boruch Hashem over a number of years, every single week I went through every lecture of the Rebbe / Sicha from Mem Ches to Nun Beis – now it’s very clear that the Rebbe said statements / Lishoinois – on one hand – that “Moshiach is here!” and on the other hand – in the very same Sicha/s, that “we need Moshiach now!” First of all there is a three part, singular theme, which Every Single Sicha / lecture Says! and then one can sort of retroactively see that this is in many many Mammorim (Chassidic teachings) of the Rebbe, and Previous Rebbes… and that is that there is the “Avodah Milmateh Limaleh,” in other words, “Man seeking G-d” – Then there is the “Avodah Milmaleh Limateh”, in other words, “G-d revealing Torah, wisdom, inspiration, direction to man” and then there is as the two become one! And if I “ani hakatan” can say, which the author of “Toirasoi Shel Moshiach” writes about in an article, there is a distinction between Bi-as Moshiach, and Geulah – similar to Moshe Rabeinu arriving in Mitzrayim, and the actual Redemption (this is from the Sfas Emes…) the bottom line is as I understand it, there is the the soul / Neshomoh and the body / Guf of the era of Moshiach – the former has occurred, it is as the Rebbe says in a non-mugeh Mammer that the greatest, let’s call it “process” of Moshiach, is where there is an INTERNAL connection, that occurs between man and G-d! He mentions, even greater than the “small voice of G-d that speaks within.” And perhaps this is the meaning of the merger… and this level, currently is happening – just to throw in a poll, Gallup, which is a very prestigious polling institute writes, that 64% of the world believe they have a personal connection to G-d – the second era of Moshiach of-course is the revelations. – And to conclude with what Rabbi Menachem Brod writes in his Sichas Hashavouh Moshiach article, that it says (I think in Medrash) that just like the sun doesn’t rise in a moment, as it would blind us, so too the miracles of Moshiach which the Rebbe told us have begun, in fact the last Sicha/lecture, “Vayakhel,” the Rebbe says Kibutz Golius began(the ingathering of the dispersed Jews to the Holy Land) … are certainly already manifesting! — May we truly be in the Beis Hamikdosh this this moment!

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