Embarrassed to say, thank God I’ve written approximately 8 book/lets on the Tanya – but it’s only this very moment, for which I’m exceptionally grateful to God – I actually understood one of the most fundamental principles that we are taught – which is we must understand that within us there is three different even opposite souls / desires – the lowest and the one we are most accustomed to, for it is our first consciousness/experience, is the body and it’s needs and wants – the second which we are somewhat accustomed to, is our mind and our perception of reality and goodness and what is the opposite of that – and the third which we almost have no understanding of but is effectively the truest part of us – for it is the essence of all reality which is our essence – a Divine being, and our job in life is instead of indulging the body… it’s foolish instinctual whims like a dog – rather indulge the soul in her singular quest to unite with God – which can only be done through fulfilling His will – but we also must take great pleasure, in the soul’s pleasure 🥰🤣

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