Tanya In Simple English – Iggeres Hateshuva – Chapter 12

Now the reason for rejoicing in the suffering of the body, is that this is actually a great favor, for suffering in this world saves one from tremendous suffering in hell (specifically for people in our generation who do not have the capacity to fast the number of fasts that are necessary to cleanse the soul to protect it from the punishment in hell – ED. Obviously this is not advocating to self-inflict, rather to have a positive attitude.)

As the Ramban wrote in his introduction to his explanation on Iyuv, that even the suffering of Iyuv for 70 years do not compare to the suffering of a soul for one hour in hell – as it states that the fires of hell are 60 times hotter than the sun.

Rather as our world is built on kindness and from just a bit of suffering in this world one is saved from great torture in hell – as the example that the movement of The Shadow from the Sun but six inches on Earth based on the traveling of the sun above for thousands of miles.

Furthermore in fact infinitely more so is the descent of the universes from the highest level to this world – as we know what it states in the Holy Zohar regarding the elevation of the higher worlds, that a little bit of action below such as the offering of a single pigeon on the altar or a bit of fine flour as a sacrifice elevated the entire fowl or vegetative specie – and so too it is with all the physical Mitzvos – in other words a little action below creates awesome ramifications; and this is what our sages say on the verse, that “You should be holy, and become holy!” “A person makes himself Holy just a little bit below and he is granted great Holiness from above” – similarly with the concept of reward and punishment as our sages say, “the reward for a Mitzvah is a Mitzvah” as stated elsewhere – and this is quite simple to contemplate in, and find deep meaning, depth, wisdom, knowledge and benefit from.

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