Tanya In Simple English – Chapter 9 – Shhar Hayichud Ve-haemuna

However regarding God, the level of His wisdom is actually like physical action is to us.

In other words wisdom to Him is at the same level of action.

As the verse says, that “You have created them all with wisdom” in other words comparing the level of wisdom to action.

By a person, their physical action is nothing relative to their life-force which is in the mind which is the beginning of their life force (as it spreads from there to all other parts of their emotions and organs.) So the life force in action is like nothing relative to Life Force in the letters of speech which itself is like nothing relative to the letters of thought, which itself is nothing relative to the energy of the emotions that create your thoughts, which itself is nothing relative to the mind and the conception which causes the emotions – in a similar sense the Divine level of wisdom which is the source the energy of all the universes relative to God Himself, Who is infinitely beyond it with infinite degrees of separation….so therefore His wisdom is the level of simple action.

So by a human being the separation between their mind and action is 5 degrees: mind, emotion, thought, speech & action – yet by God there are infinite degrees of separation just to His mind!

Just like you couldn’t say that “A wisdom is so deep that I can’t touch it…” for there’s no connection between touch to wisdom – in a similar sense, it’s laughable to say that, “I cannot understand God…” for human intelligence and even the intelligences of the highest universes and even the Divine intelligence itself compared to God is like a rock.

As such, why do we call God with the name wise in the verse, and also our sages have attributed the quality of wisdom to Him – this is because He is the source of wisdom from where this Divine supernal wisdom emanates, so too, He’s called Compassionate and Kind because He is a source which creates His compassion and His kindness, and the same applies to His other emotions, they all come from Him.

Now the mechanism of how He creates them is known to the Kabbalists, yet for people like us who don’t delve into Kabbalah – rather what is known to us is to believe with a simple faith that God & His intelligence / emotions are one.

His will, His wisdom, His understanding, His integration and His emotions are one with His Essence which is infinitely beyond them – as such this Unity with them is awesome – the human mind cannot understand how God unites with His emotions which are independently below Him, and becomes one with them – and therefore the Zohar calls this, The secret of faith.