Tanya In Simple English – Chapter 5 – Iggeres Hateshuva

Chapter 5

Now the Divine soul that comes down into the body comes from the inner level of the Divine speech which is hinted to in the letter Hei.

As it states, that “God blew into his nostrils of breath of life” – “And man became a living being” and whoever blows, blows from his inner essence.

This is the meaning that “The Jewish people are a part of God, the rope of His inheritance.”

For just as by way of example a rope that is connected above and it’s end is below….

This is the meaning of the verse, “And He Blew…”, just as if it was a partition, that would block a breath going from one side to the other – so too, if a person sins, they create a blockage in their line to God.

Now of-course there is nothing physical or spiritual that separates one from God – the entire Heavens and Earth He fills – as it says, “His glory fills the entire earth” and “No place is void of Him, in heaven above and the earth below, There is nothing but Him.” “And He fills all worlds etc.”, Rather as Yeshayahu says, “A person sins, acts as a temporary blockage between them and God.”

The reason for this is, that it is the will of God who creates everything because as it says, “Everything God desires He creates in the Heaven above and the earth Below” therefore going against His will is going against the life force. This is the idea of Kares- the soul being cut off. That as mentioned before, the line/ rope gets cut off.

Now other sins that do not have the punishment of Kares, what they do, is they create a dent in the soul as is known.

This is like a string which is intertwined of 613 strands – and every Mitzvah is one strand, so to transgress one Mitzvah is to cut one of 613 strands.

Nonetheless somebody who transgresses Kares or the punishment of death, there is still a left over kind of background radiation of the original connection which is why they can live to 50 / 60 years.

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