Tanya In Simple English – Chapter 10 – Iggeres Hateshuva

Now this higher level of Teshuvah – the Union of “Spirit to Spirit” through Torah and good deeds… This is something that is drawn down from above, that God’s words literally be within one’s mouth, as it states, “I will place my word in your mouth” – Furthermore “Your right hand hugs me..” for when one does acts of goodness and kindness, this brings God’s kindness to them, which is represented by God’s right hand.

Now a person down here needs to go level after level to reach the Higher Teshuvah and connect their spirit to the Divine Spirit – beginning with the concentration during prayer, especially during Shema and its blessings that we concentrate, in order to be able to say that, “I love God with all my heart, all my soul” – in absolute truth – and so too that “These words which I command you” referring to the Torah, that we must study, which is the word of God in our mouth – and so too, to do all the Mitzvahs, this as it says that “I have made you holy through the Mitzvos,” this is similar to how a man marries a woman with the phrase “You are consecrated / holy to me” this refers to the sacred Holiness of above which means that sacred / separated… that God’s greatness is so great that it cannot come into any world because all the worlds are nothing compared to it – it can only hover beyond the world – which refers to His will, which is found in the action of Mitzvos as stated in Likuitei Amarim Chapter 46.

Simalerly after prayer we say, “My soul cleave to you” this means to connect Spirit to Spirit throughout the entire day etc. and all of this is through contemplating the greatness of God with great focus in the two blessings prior to the Shema, and in the verses of praise as is known.

Now prayer as it is the higher Teshuva, one must preface it with the lower Teshuva, and this is what our sages said in the Mishna “We do not begin to pray unless we are humble” and this is the level of the lower Teshuva, to arouse compassion on the soul as mentioned earlier – however we also learn that “we should only pray with joy” and in our poor generation (emotionally speaking) that people cannot transform their hearts from one emotion to another instantaneously – therefore the practical advice is to proceed with the lower Teshuva during Tikkun Chatzois as mentioned before.

And a person who cannot do this nightly should at least do it once a week before Shabbos – in other words Thursday nights, as is known, that Shabbos is a level of the higher Teshuva and Shabbos has the letters “Tashuv” / “to return” – because on Shabbos all the world returns to the source – especially during the prayers of Shabbos – (and with this we will understand what it says “Return to me as I redeemed you” – in other words, as I have removed your sin… removed the dark side and redeemed you from the dark forces, through the arousal of great compassion from above, corresponding to the lower Teshuva mentioned before – so now return to me with the higher Teshuva.)

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