Ultimately there are 10 factors – the first is that this world was created because God loves us – The second is that we are here to fulfill His will – The third is that generally speaking His will is, as the Rebbe says, “All of Judaism boils down to goodness and kindness” – in other words, “Don’t be a jerk, and help people that you see need help” – and furthermore as one of The Commandments for Gentiles, “Do whatever good you believe you should do” and of-course as the Jewish commandment, the most important… “Dedicate your life to charity!” The next is that unless you have law and order, you have chaos and murder – The next is that ultimately as God is infinite, our ability to derive ever deeper lessons in life, from His instruction, is likewise – this occurs when you open your soul to the Divine frequency, which is always playing an inspirational message

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