Tanya In Simple English Chapter 7 Shaar Hayichud

Now we can understand the meaning of the Zohar that “Shema Yisroel” is the higher unity and “Boruch Shem” the lower.

Now Echad and Va-ed, the final words of Shema and Boruch Shem are actually interchangeable.

Now it is known that the entire purpose of the creation of reality is because God desired to be able to reveal Himself.

This is why God concealed Himself from the Creations, for in order to, as in the example of a king and his subjects, have a relationship – there has to be an other who is “distant.”

As a king could never rule on his own sons or even on his ministers.

Now the name of God that demonstrates His Lordship is the name of Adnus / Lord, and hence it is from this name that the concealment of Creations, allowing for there to be this King / subject relationship, ensues.

Without this name there would be no physical world to speak of.

Now the definition of a world is time and space.

Time refers to past, present, future (in other words, the experience of the Soul.)

Space refers to north, east, south, west, up and down (in other words the place of the body / soul.)

Only in the world of Beriah, Yetzirah, and Asiyah can we say, that God descends to be within time and space.

This means that the life-force of space and time comes from the emotion / level of Malchus / kingship of God.

Now as this level is one with God, therefore time and space is also one with God (as in Aristotelian logic if A. equals B. and B = C then C. equals A.)

This is the intertwining of the name Adnus with Havaye.

For the name Havayeh demonstrates that it is beyond time, as it incorporates all time in a single moment.

God is also beyond space, for He incorporates all space ( think like the GPS satellite…) every moment.

In other words, this is His incorporation with His emotions / power, which is the source of physical time / space.

This is the lower level Unity.

In other words, that the very essence of God, fills the entire time / space dimension.

God’s Essence fills all time, all space below, exactly as it fills the highest heavens above.

This is the attribute of Malchus, which is the attribute of Tzimtzum / concealment for it conceals all.

For without Malchus there could be no  concealment, and therefore there could be no physical time space.

Now this is the meaning of verse, “I am God who has not changed.”

In other words, there has been absolutely no change within God at all – the same God who existed prior to Creation, is the same God that exists after creation – and creation being subsumed within Him, like a thought within the person, does not take up any space at all.

And this is what it says that, “You are the one from before creation – You are the one after, without any difference in you at all!”

Not only did this not affect any difference in God, it furthermore did not affect any difference within His understanding, for He understands all reality not outside Himself, but within. For all comes from Him and is completely humbled / subsumed within Him.

As the Rambam writes, He is the knowledge, the knower, and the known.

Now this is not something that the human brain can comprehend.

For God’s Essence and His intelligence are a simple unit, with no separation at all.

This is unlike a person who’s knowledge is different to himself, for he exists prior to his knowledge.

By a person, the capacity to study exists prior to the study – and the knowledge, which increases daily, therefore is in addition to the study itself.

Whearas by God, there’s absolutely no addition to Him.

As such, just as no human being can understand the essence of His Creator, it is impossible to understand His knowledge.

One must simply believe, God is beyond human understanding, for everything that He understands is not in addition to a human – when He understands a small worm at the bottom of the ocean – this is not in addition to anything in Him, for it is within Him.

As this is very hard for us to comprehend, therefore the Prophet said, “As your ways are not my ways – my thoughts are higher than your thoughts.”

And it says, “If you research God, will you discover.”

And it says, “Does God have eyes like men, that see.”

For a person sees everything, as it is outside  Himself – whereas God sees everything inside Himself.

Based on the above, we can understand the error of some people who thought they were wise….

And looking at the doctrine of Tzimtzum / Diminution of the Divine Light as the Ari-Zal speaks about it – they think that God actually removed Himself from this world. (This in fact was the fundamental error of the Misnagdim, their leader who I wish not to mention, who in his own way was a great man but considering himself very clever, he saw the doctrine… and as we will see misunderstood a fundamental fact.)

They thought that God simply observes the world from above, like a king looking out of his Palace.

This of-course is a gross error, for apart from the fact, one cannot speak about physical dimensions with the infinitely beyond physical God.

However it’s simply nonsensical, because they themselves are believers in God, and so God’s knowledge encompasses every created thing – and as His knowledge is Himself, therefore it does not create any addition within Him.

And this is what it explicitly States in Tikkunim that above and below is God.

And in Rayeh Mehemna it is written, “He Holds onto everything, but no one holds onto him.

He encompasses all universes and nothing is outside of His Dominion.

He is the substance of all worlds, and connects all substances together.

And the four elements of air, fire, earth and water, cannot be connected except for the fact that He is within it.”

The idea that “Nothing can hold God” is that there is no mind that can conceive of God, even the highest intelligences, of the highest worlds.

As it writes in Tikkunim, “The secret of all secrets.”

“And there is no thought that can conceive of Him at all.”

The fact is, that even though God is a substance and fills all reality down here below – unlike the soul which feels the pain of the body, say stubbing the toenail – nothing, whether it’s heat or cold etc. is a physical sensation to God.

Likewise night and day do not affect any change in God – as it says, “Darkness does not conceal from God.”

This is because the universe is within God, and cannot conceal from Him.

This is also the concept that God encompasses all universes.

For example, when a person is thinking about a physical object, at that time his mind is encompassing the object. Though it doesn’t actually physically encompass it.

But God upon whom it says, “My thoughts are not your thoughts”.

His thoughts continuously encompass every single being for eternity.

This is it’s very existence and life force in actuality.

Now God “filling all worlds ..” is the notion of His life force sustaining every being.

And this life force diminishes to the “size” and importance of every Being.

For example, the sun is 167 times the radius of the Earth.

Now the quality / important of the sun of course is it’s light and being a finite creation, has a limit on its radiance, for it cannot shine indefinitely.

Similarly all creation are finite, even great distances – such as the Earth to the sky which is the distance of 500 years – it is still a limited number.

As such the energy and life force in them is also limited.

For it had to be condensed through many many diminutions of their light, until a physical creation could come from it.

For the source of all life is the breath of God which is within all creations.

Now the breath of God could have spread forth and created universes and beings who were infinite in their size and quality.

For just as God is infinite, so too are His emotions / abilities, and causations.

“The breath of his mouth” goes into His emotions / Chessed – Gevurah etc. and hence as they are one – they can have infinite Dynamics.

It is only that as God decided, He concealed the light coming from His emotions, say Chessed into the Ten Sayings.

Through the exchange and the interchange of letters in their Gematriah / numerical equivalencies.

This causes that they can create creations that are of lower quality and quantity than the actual energy within the 10 Sayings themselves.

Which is the type of combinations in the word of the lower combination.

After all the contracting and diminutions, the light can go into say the stones and dirt of this world.

For the word Even / stone shows that it takes itself in the name Ban.

And there is an extra Alef for reasons known to Her Creator.

Now the name Ban is a very high name.

However it’s light goes through many many contractions until it can come into the stone.

And this is the life force of the stone that brings it into life, every second.

And this is the level of Memaleh Koil Almin – God fills all the worlds.

Now each and every name (from the substitutions, such as Even) has a capacity to create creations without limit and end (in its vein.)

As it is a name from God, therefore like Him, has an infinite capacity.

However these names are not as great as the source names in the Ten Sayings.


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