The pros and cons as working as a Mashgiach in Kedem wineries

Just finished a three week stint as Mashgiach for Kedem and in case somebody else is considering this position I wanted to give them the full disclosure.


1. Sounds decent – you are offered a semi-decent salary – a car allowance (which turns into a shared car rental to go to work.)

2. The people start off quite friendly.


1. Ultimately they are trying to nickel and dime (yet to be paid).

2. They are severely understaffed.

3. They have an attitude and they are king and you are their servants.

4. They do not train you and they expect you to be a genius in terms of knowing everything to do.

They’re prone to random outburst – in summary, effectively it is a very unprofessional and somewhat demeaning work environment.


Tanya In Simple English Chapter 8 Shaar Hayichud Ve-haemuna

Now this that the Rambam said, that God and His wisdom are one with a simple unity – this is true of all His emotions and all the Holy Names by which He is called – and the “descriptive terms” which our sages described Him, such as merciful, compassionate, Chossid etc. Simalerly the term “Wise” as it is written “He is also wise.”

Simalerly His will – as in “God desires those who fear Him,” “He desires kindness,” “He desires the repentance of the wicked and desires not their death or their wickedness.”

So His desire, intelligence, love, compassion and Tifferes (the combination of love and strength) these do not add any addition to Him as they are Him, and as the Rambam said this iss beyond human comprehension – for when a man imagines an emotion or the concept of intelligence or desire, he can only imagine this concept as it exists within himself – however God is infinitely beyond any comprehension, and his emotions and intelligence and desire have no relation to what they are in human terms.

For the first level or quality of a human is Chochmah or innovation.

This is why Chochmah is called Reishis  / beginning.

In truth it is the source of the life-force in all created beings.

For from Chochmah comes Bina and Daas.

And from them all the emotions in the intellectual souls, such as Chessed / kindness, Gevurah / strength ensue.

This is empirically seen, for a small child lacking intelligence we find that they are highly emotional,prone to tantrums and desirous of petty things.

For he lacks intelligence to desire that which is truly desirable.

Now from the emotions, letters and words construct themselves in our thoughts.

The soul thinks about whatever it desires, or how to actualize a kindness / compassion.

Similarly with other emotions, the emotion creates the thought.

Now every thought that exists in the world has some type of emotion which causes this thought.

And this emotion is the life force of this thought.

And then letters of thought can descend into letters of speech, and they are it’s life force.

And the speech creates the action of Tzeddakah and kindness – for example a King that tells his servants to give some money to someone.

Now even if somebody decides to do something… the soul power within this action, relative to the power of the soul that is in speech is nothing – for the soul that goes into speech is much higher, like the distance of the soul to the body.

So too is the distance between the soul that goes into the letters of action versus speech, and similarly the distance between the letters of thought to the actual emotions that give birth to it – and this distance is also similar between the emotion, and the intelligence that created this emotion – all of this is in the soul of man, and all creations in all the universes above and below – and in all of them the level of Chochmah is the beginning and the source of life.