Tanya In Simple English Chapter 6 – Shaar Hayichud Ve-haemuna

Now the name of God, Eloikim, refers to God’s emotion of strength and concealment.

As such, it is also the Gematriah / numerical equivalent of “the nature.”

Because it conceals the light that creates and sustains the world, causing the world to seem as if it operates independently / naturally.

Now this name Eloikim, is a shield and cloak for the name of Havayeh, in other words, it conceals the great light which comes from Havayeh, that causes all to come into existence from non-existence constantly – in order that this should not be known to the creations, for then they would cease to have an independent existence.

Now this level of strength and concealment is in fact also God’s kindness which the world is created with.

This is what it’s called: “strength” which is merged with kindness.

Now from the merging of these emotions – one in the other… – it is obvious, that God and His emotions are one.

As they are in a complete Unity with Him, therefore they can also unify.

This is what Elijah said, “You are the one that connects and unifies them, and besides you there is no Unity above and below.”

This is what the verse States, “You should consider and place it upon your heart, that Havayeh is Eloikim.”

This means that these two names are really literally one.

That even the name of Eloikim that conceals the light, is really God’s favor / kindness, just like the name Havayeh.

Because the emotions of God are one with Him in a complete Unity, and He and His emotions are one and His emotions are His names (as each name refers to an emotion / ability.)

Therefore it is obvious that in Heaven above and earth below, there is nothing besides God.

In other words, even this physical world that appears as a complete existence to the eye, all of it is actually non-existence and nothing relative to God.

For the name Eloikim does not conceal from God, only from His creations – for God and His name Eloikim are actually the same.

And therefore even on the earth below and even below the earth, all this is literally nothing relative to God – in other words, it doesn’t have any existence and it cannot even be called as “something else.”

It is not like a body which is subservient to the soul and the life-force in it (rather it is simply God.)

(This is what the verse says, “I will praise God/Havayeh with my life, and will sing to my God/Eloikim with my might” for life comes from the name Havayeh, and the body from Eloikim.)

Now the soul does not create the body out of nothingness – whereas God actually creates everything out of nothingness – so therefore relative to Him it doesn’t exist, like the light of the sun In the Sun.

As such, the verse had to warn us to realize “Place in your heart…” that we should not think that heaven and everything in it and the Earth and all the things in it are separate from God, and God like a soul, fills that life force and places the power of growth into the Earth, the ability of movement in the planetary and celestial orbs and moves them as He desires, like the soul moves the body – (rather God is the very substance, or more accurately the very substance is within God Himself, and it is like with His thoughts that God creates and causes the natural observations that we see.)

Now in truth, the soul and the body are actually opposites – for in their source they come from different places – as the body does not come from the soul above it – rather from the drops of the father and mother – and even after this, its growth does not come from the soul alone – but through the food and drink of his mother for the 9 months in the womb, and then through his own food and drink – whereas Heaven and Earth, their very essence is continuously created from the word of God and the breath of His mouth which continuously remains within them and pulsates every single nanosecond to bring them into existence out of nothingness – just like the light of the Sun within the sun itself.

As such, they are truly non-existent relative to the word of God and the breath of His mouth, which is one with His essence – as we explained before, just like the light of the Sun relative to the sun itself is not existence.

This is the strength of God, and His ability and strength and concealment, to hide the life force which goes into the creative things, and as such, Heaven and Earth and all within them seem as if they are independent entities.

Now this emotion of strength does not conceal the truth God forbid from God , rather God of-course knows that His two names of Havayeh and Eloikim are one.

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