To understand insanity We must understand Nobel Prize winner Doctor Aumman who heads The Center For Rationality says, that if you have a logical premise and you follow it, even if your premise is wrong then you are still logical – because you’re basing yourself on a mistake that’s insane – for example, a suicide bomber is not irrational for based on his education, if he does this he will go to heaven – on the other hand if a person holds contraindicary opinions – then they are obviously either insane or they are following insanity – so let me know if you think someone who believes that there’s no such thing as gender unless you’re changing it…. unless you’re ignoring the fact that it exists… and somehow you can be both at the same time 😳 – but you can’t be a cockroach 🥰? if someone believes that there’s no such thing as race🖤🤍 but somehow in critical race theory, as a Harvard professor explained the insanity to me – blacks are superior – whites are inferoir and Jews are blood sucking evil like the Nazis thought 💭☠️ – somehow money is great when you want to give it to the poor but if someone else has it that’s bad – everyone should have a Homeland but the Jews – the list of inconsistent insanities are so great that only somebody who is incapable of independent thinking or literally is insane could hold such opinions

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