Thank you ,- if we want to survive we have to implement the following five steps ASAP

1. Unity

Unity can only come through commonality, certainly not through divisiveness and one-upmanship and therefore for us to have Unity we have to implement what 66% of the world and United States desire – namely democracy through the majority – we have to poll people for their top 10 issues and create solutions and then poll them again to make sure they agree with the solutions we create – then everyone feels part of the team!!!.

2. We have to redeem ourselves, hardly can I have love and peace with another if I don’t have love and peace with myself 😌 and primarily I do this through

a. recognizing that I am a creation of a Creator, as is everyone else.

B. The Creator, in fact, it’s the only historical Revelation witnessed by millions of people whose descendants are alive this very day, and I am one of them – the events were recorded and celebrated every single year subsequently in the Torah and the Passover seder, and He told us that there are two categories of people, there are Jews and Gentiles – Jews have 613 obligations and Gentiles have Seven Noahide Commandments – generally we all are obligated in the most important fundamental message which they all boil down to: Increasing The Realm of Goodness and Kindness.

C. We must also realize that the Creator is Infinite – He is not defined – He is beyond us – He is within us – He is the past, the present, the future – and He wishes, like a father who loves his son to guide us! and therefore in the Messianic times that we live now, we must obey the Holy Spirit / the Divine voice within.

D. We must protect ourselves from Islamic radicals who seek to murder – now there are two types, there are the sunnis and the Shiites – there are 1.4 billion sunnis and 200 million Shiites – while it is true that not all Muslims are radicals – there are according to Pew Poll 700 million Salafists which means traditional Muslims, and the way, primarily through Wahhabism which is Saudi Arabia’s interpretation of radical Islam which has penetrated 80% of the Mosques in the US, and that’s just the US… imagine in Islamic countries like Pakistan etc. where they graduate a million suicide wannabe bombers a year – the fact is, their message is one like the 9/11 of sheer murder for the sake of murder – and if that’s not bad enough, the Iranian regime believes, that the “Messiah will come when the world will be filled with blood up to a horse’s knee” if we don’t prevent them from acquiring the means to do it – the end is in sight.

E. We have to acknowledge that the fourth industrial revolution which is computers – as predicted as soon as 2025 will eliminate approximately 90 million jobs worldwide – though to be fair it will create a need for 95 million – however the fact is the jobs being eliminated are more low paying jobs and it is highly questionable if there will be the ability to train people in the programming languages as quick as the need arises – not to mention that the programming languages themselves change all the time – as such we must create farming villages in which people are welcome, with a spiritual basis, so there is a higher purpose – to both work the land, to feed themselves.

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