Tanya In Simple English Chapter 5 – Shaar Hayichud Ve-haemuna

Regarding the process of creation through the agency of Tzimtzum / diminution of light, our sages say, that in the beginning God desired to create the world through complete Tzimtzum, but realizing that the concealment of light would disallow anyone vision (of God/truth…) He put into it “Mercy” namely the miracles recorded in the Torah and the Tzaddikim (who serve as Divine role models.)

This is what the Zohar says, that above there are two emotions of kindness and strength.

In other words, both are the Divine emotions transcending any human ability to comprehend them.

In fact these two things are one, as God and his emotions are.

Even the comprehension of Moses in the Divine emotions, was only as they vested into the world of Beriah (from Atzilus) and there descended into Netzech, Hod, Yesod.

However the reward for the Tzaddikim in Gan Eden / the world of Beriah is the comprehension of the light and energy that radiate from these two emotions.

This is the “food” of the Tzaddikim that study Torah in this world altruisticly / for God.

For from these two emotions, a sky spreads over the souls in Heaven.

This is called “the sky of Torah.”

This is the secret (knowledge) of the twenty two letters of the Torah.

As it States, “From His right hand, He gave the Torah” in other words, the Torah descends from Chessed.

From this sky, dew, namely insights into the Torah descend.

This is the comprehension of the 22 letters of the Torah.

The Torah is the food of the souls in heaven, and the Mitzvos are her garments.