Tanya in Simple English – Shaar Hayichud Ve-haemuna – Chapter 2

Now we have a reply to those who deny the direct hand of God in life – as well as the miracles recorded in the Torah…

For they mistakenly compare the creation of God, how He made Heaven and Earth to the way man makes something…

For when say a silversmith makes a silver cup, the cup does not need the silversmith anymore.

After he finished making it and sells it, the cup remains standing in the shape that he originally created it.

Similarly foolish people imagine the creation of Heaven and Earth (in other words, that once it was made, it can remain without the original Creator.)

However they do not realize the incredible difference between the way man makes something, in which he takes a pre-existing matter, such as the silver, and shapes it into a cup – to the way Heaven and Earth, which comes into existence from a non existent entity.

This by way of example is a far greater miracle than the splitting of the sea in which God caused an eastern wind to blow the entire night which split the water and caused it to stand like a wall.

Now obviously if God would have stopped that wind for one second, the water would have returned back to its original state and not have stood up like a wall.

Now if we analyze this deeper nature of water to be a fluid, it is also a continuous miracle – for a stone wall stands on its own without any wind holding it up (it pays to mention that the kinetic theory of energy tells us that all matter based on its temperature will change from liquid to solid to gas – so it is simply a determination of God, at which temperature this transformation will occur.)

So how much infinitely more so when we think about the creation of something which previously did not exist – it is obviously a much greater miracle then the splitting of the sea, in which, one cause (the wind) created a different effect (water 🌊 standing) how much or so if the cause (The Creator’s energy) of matter coming into existence would cease, the creation would return into absolute nothingness.

Now this cause must continuously be within the effect in order to keep it in existence, and this is the actual letters of the 10 sayings which the world was created.

This is what verse says “And you give a life to everything” and our sages explain, “Do not read ‘give life’ but rather ‘create'” in other words, continuously create everything.

Furthermore the words “And you” spell out the letters Aleph to Tof – the first to last letters – meaning all the Hebrew letters are what cause the creation of all things.

Now even though God cannot be compared to a body, nevertheless we do say in the verse, “God spoke,” “And God said,” which this refers to the revelation of the 22 Divine letters to the prophets, which to their mind came visions of a prophecy – as well as God communicating directly a thought to their minds and as speech in their voices, allowing them to be the voice of God – like it says “And the spirit of God spoke in me” “And His words were on my tongue” as the Holy Ari Za”l, said in the Gateway To Prophecy.

It is in a similar way that the Divine letters of the Ten Sayings come into created beings – as it says, “With the word of God, heaven was made, and the breath of his mouth, everything in it.”

The only difference is that it comes about many through many dimunitions of the original intensity of the light till it can come down and create physical objects – whereas the understanding of the prophets was in the realm of Atzilus after it descended into the realm of Beriah.

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