Tanya In Simple English – Shaar Hayichud Ve-haemuna – Chapter 1

To previously explain what the Zohar says that “Shema Yisroel…” is the higher unity and “Boruch Shem…” a the the lower Unity.

(The author mainly is going to explain how matter – as we now from science, energy equals matter – is really energy – and this energy is a derivative of the 10 original energy sources used to create – which are called the 10 sayings – the first one is, “In the beginning God made Heaven and Earth” – the subsequent statements of God, such as “Let there be light,” were said on these six days of creation.)

“You should know today, and place it upon your heart that God is the Lord in Heaven above, and on the earth below – there is nothing else.”

We have to understand, is it something that will occur to anybody that somehow there is a God In The water below earth, that one must be so weary that we say… “place it upon your heart.”

Is known that it is written “Forever o’ God your words remain in the heaven.”

The Baal Shem Tov explains that this means that the very words that you said, that “There should be a heaven…” the letters and the words themselves continuously remain within the very heaven / sky to continuously cause them to exist.

As it states, “The word of God eternally exists.”

And it says, “His words are alive and exist forever.”

The reason for this is, for if for one moment the letters that create the sky and the words “Let there be a heaven / sky” would disappear, then that very moment the entire sky would disappear as if it never existed.

And it would be exactly as if God never said and never created the sky.

The same applies to all creations in every single Universe above and below – including this physical universe, and even rocks and hard matter, that if for one moment the letters from the 10 sayings through which the Earth was created in the six days of creation would disappear, than the entire universe, and all of its creations and every Rock etc. would return to its previously non-existent State as it was prior to his creation.

This is what the Ari Za”l taught that even in physical matter like rock and dirt and water there is an actual soul and spiritual life force.

This is the level of the the Divine letters from the 10 sayings which give life and create the physical matter out of non-existence into an existent state.

Now this is the case even though the word “Even” was not specifically mentioned in the 10 sayings in the Torah, nevertheless there is a life force that comes to the stone from the combination and substitution of the letters as they descend through the 231 Gates forward and back – different combinations of how these letters can permutate.

This occurs until from the 10 Sayings there comes the combination of the letters Even / stone.

Now this name is the actual energy of the Stone.

This in fact occurs to every single Creation in the world, that the names that they are given in Hebrew are actually the very letters that come, level after level, from the 10 original sayings in the Torah to substitute and change from the 231 Gates until they go into that specific creation to give it life.

The reason for this is, that the individual creation cannot receive direct energy from the 10 sayings themselves.

They can only receive energy when it descends from a higher level to a lower degree of energy through the substitution and changes of the letters and Gematriah, which are the number of the letters, until it can be so condensed to give the individual creation life.

This is the Hebrew name that it has, which is the ability to have a small quantity of energy in this name, which descends from the greater powerhouse of the Ten Sayings to give life and create Creations out of nothing and to continuously sustain them, as the Torah and God are all one.

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